What are the folk prescriptions for freckle removal in traditional Chinese medicine? What are the methods for freckle removal in traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine freckle removal is a very effective and no side effect freckle removal method, so it is increasingly sought after by many beauty loving women. Everyone hopes that his face will be red and his skin will be broken. This will not only make him happy, but also give people around him a good feeling. Let’s learn about the traditional Chinese medicine prescription for freckle removal.

The reality is cruel. Many people will have brown or black spots on their skin, such as chloasma and freckles, and the frequency of spots in women is higher than that in men. In addition to traditional Chinese medicine freckle removal methods, many traditional Chinese medicine freckle removal prescriptions have also been favored by many women, and the effect is good.

Next, let’s take a look at the traditional Chinese medicine prescription for freckle removal!

Side Formula 1:

How to do it: take an appropriate amount of borax and borneol, mix them after adding water, and apply water to the affected part after dissolving.

Effect: this method first appeared in the book “seeking the origin of Materia Medica”, which claims that this method has the effect of giving life and death to human flesh and bones. In fact, the main function of this method is to inhibit viruses and bacteria.

Taboo: borneol can easily cause allergy, so people with sensitive skin should use it with caution.

Folk prescription 2: loofah freckle removing method

How to do it: dry the loofah, grind it into powder, mix it with water every night, apply it to your face, and wash it with warm water the next morning. If you want to remove wrinkles on your face, you can add some honey appropriately.

Effect: this traditional Chinese medicine prescription for removing freckles has a certain effect. The main reason is that loofah contains protein, vitamins and anti cyclic blood acids, which have a strong bleaching effect. It not only has no harm to the skin, but also can improve the delicate and whitening skin after long-term use.

Taboo: if you don’t add honey, you can wash it the next day; If honey is added, wash it after 20 minutes.

Recipe 3: Lemon

How to do it: dry the lemon, grind it into powder, then add an appropriate amount of borax powder and sugar, stir it evenly, and then seal it. After three days, you can take it out and use it. Every morning and evening, you can reopen it with warm water and smear it on the spots for 3 minutes. After a period of time, freckles can be eliminated.

Effect: lemon is rich in

Recipe 4: Eggplant

Practice: after washing the eggplant, cut it into thin slices, and wipe the black spots with the juice of the eggplant. Three times a day, and after half a month, you can see the effect.

Effect: eggplant is very convenient to remove freckles, because it is a common ingredient in many family tables. Experts tell us that eggplant is rich in vitamin C, which can effectively organize the production of melanin in the skin, and has a good effect on skin whitening and freckling.

Contraindications: use with caution for those with sensitive skin.

Folk formula 5:

How to do it: grind the white Poria cocos into powder, add honey and stir it evenly, smear it on your face every night, and wash it 20 minutes later.

Effect: this method is from the TV series “Da Chang Jin”, which has a certain effect of nourishing skin, beauty and freckle removal. In traditional Chinese medicine, white Poria cocos has the effect of removing spots and scars.

Folk formula 6:

Practice: remove the wax gourd ladle after cutting it, then mash it to take out the juice, take it every day at the spot, and apply it several times a day.

Effect: the effect of this traditional Chinese medicine freckle removing prescription is not great, because although there is freckle removing effect in winter melon, the effect is very small, which is not enough for women to use.

Folk prescription 7: Amitabha monk’s freckle removing method

How to do it: grind the prepared Buddha into powder, add appropriate amount of water every night, and then apply it to your face.

Effect: the effect of Amitabha’s freckle removal is recorded in the famous Chinese medicine classic Tang Materia Medica, and the effect is very good. The color of Mitra monk is golden yellow, and it has the same luster as metal. Besides the effect of removing black spots, it can also reduce swelling, kill viruses and prevent corruption.

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