Love side sleep, cancer picked you!

Is side sleeping harmful? It is estimated that many people have never thought about this problem. Many people will know how to sleep comfortably. Posture is not important, but you know, unimportant sleeping knowledge can lead to very serious diseases, such as cancer.

If you often sleep to the left, you will be less likely to have stomach pain. Sleeping on the opposite side of the right side is easy to cause stomach acid to rush back to the esophagus, and even lead to sore throat, cough, asthma, chest tightness and other problems in serious cases. In the long run, it will also lead to esophageal cancer.

The researchers pointed out that this is because side sleeping affects the position of the esophagus and stomach. When sleeping on the right side, the stomach is higher than the esophagus, and gastric acid is easy to return to the esophagus. It is not easy to sleep on the left side.

In addition to esophageal cancer, many diseases are induced or aggravated by improper sleep posture. For people with certain diseases, it is necessary to pay attention to their sleep posture.

Heart disease: those with good cardiac compensation function can lie on the right side. If heart failure has occurred, you can use the semi recumbent position to reduce breathing difficulties. Do not lie on the left side or prone.

Cerebral thrombosis: if arteriosclerosis is taken in the lateral sleeping position, it will inevitably aggravate the blood flow obstacle, and it is appropriate to change to the supine sleeping position.

Lung disease: it is better to sleep on your back if you have lung diseases on both sides. If the left lung is sick, it is suitable to sleep on the left side; If your right lung is sick, you should sleep on the right side.

Hypertension: the sleeping posture of hypertension patients, especially elderly hypertension patients, should be semi recumbent or lateral. A wide rectangular pillow with a height of 15 cm can be used, so that the head and shoulders are on the pillow.

Cholelithiasis: do not lie on the left side. Because the gallbladder is located in the upper abdomen, it is shaped like a small wine bottle. When the human body lies to the left, the “bottle mouth” of the gallbladder faces downward and the “bottle bottom” faces upward. In this way, under the action of gravity, gallbladder stones are easy to fall into the “bottleneck” and become incarcerated, causing the onset of biliary colic. Therefore, lie flat or sleep on the right side as far as possible.

Lumbago and back pain: it is advisable to sleep on your side, so as to completely relax your muscles and avoid tension, stimulation or compression of nerves, causing or aggravating lumbago and back pain.

Otitis media: pus will fill the affected lateral ear canal. In order to make the pus drainage unobstructed, the affected lateral decubitus position can be adopted to promote the discharge of pus.

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