These bad habits will destroy your teeth

chew ice

Many people think that ice cubes naturally do not contain sugar. In summer, some small ice cubes or popsicles are frozen in the refrigerator. When you come back from outside in hot weather, you can chew them to quickly cool down. In fact, chewing hard, frozen ice cubes or popsicles can hurt your teeth. Because in the process of chewing ice, it will stimulate the soft tissue inside the teeth, which is easy to cause toothache. Whether it is hot food or raw and cold food, eating it often will quickly cause toothache. Therefore, when you want to chew ice, try sugar free gum instead.


Grinding of teeth is usually caused by stress and sleep habits, which makes it more difficult to control. Therefore, you should avoid eating hard food during the day to reduce the pain and damage to your teeth. Try wearing braces to sleep at night to prevent grinding from damaging your teeth.

eat Gummies

All sugary snacks may cause tooth decay, but some candies should be paid more attention to. For example, gum can easily stick to teeth and cause tooth decay. If you really like fudge, you can try to eat it after dinner. Don’t treat it as a separate snack. Because saliva is produced during eating, it helps wash away the sweetness and acid of candy.

open things with teeth

Some people are used to opening beer bottle caps with their teeth, or opening plastic packaging. Although this is convenient, it will cause great damage to teeth. Using your teeth as a tool will cause them to break. On the contrary, it is the right way to open things with scissors and a bottle opener. Remember, your teeth should only be used for eating.

drink sports drinks

There is no doubt that a bottle of frozen sports drink after exercise can refresh your mind. However, sports drinks generally contain relatively high sugar, which will damage the enamel of teeth. The best way to keep your body hydrated after exercise is to have a glass of boiled water.


Cigarettes and other tobacco products can not only make teeth black and yellow, but also lead to periodontal diseases. Smoking can even cause oral cancer, lip cancer, oral cancer and other diseases.

drink red wine

The acid in red wine will erode the enamel of teeth, making them more prone to discoloration and damage. Red wine also contains a substance called tannin and, although this substance is beneficial to the prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, its color is also very easy to be stained on teeth.


Studies have found that overeating often involves excessive sweets, which eventually leads to dental caries. Bulimia can lead to various serious health problems. It is easy to cause complications, such as damage to teeth and lips, due to frequent emesis and taking laxatives.

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