be vigilant! Eight bad habits destroy metabolism

Metabolism is the ability of the body to digest, absorb and discharge wastes, which can maintain the orderly operation of body organs. In medicine, there is no precise standard to define whether metabolism is fast or slow. However, a study by the University of Aberdeen in the United Kingdom found that people with a fast metabolism are healthier if disease factors are excluded. Studies have found that after the age of 30, the metabolism decreases by 5% every 10 years, which brings many health problems such as aging, obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Although we can’t fight against time, we must stay away from these bad habits in order to make our metabolism work more rationally.

lack of sleep many people have similar feelings: if they often stay up late or have abnormal work and rest for a period of time, they feel that they are getting old very quickly. Experiments at the University of Surrey in the UK showed that 711 genes in sleep deprived subjects had changed their functions, including genes related to metabolism. Zhou Yingchun said that lack of sleep may reduce the body’s ability to regulate glucose, increase the secretion of ghrelin, make people feel hungry easily, and indirectly cause abnormal fat metabolism. It is recommended to ensure at least 7 hours of sleep every day.

don’t bask in the sun in hot summer, many people are afraid of getting sunburnt and prefer to stay indoors. They also do not want to touch the sun, resulting in a lack of vitamin D content in the body. Vitamin D can help maintain cell health and bone metabolism. If it is lacking, it will lead to disorder of calcium and bone inorganic salt metabolism. Therefore, it is advisable to go out for a walk after lunch. In terms of diet, you can eat salmon, milk, shrimp, mushrooms, eggs and other foods rich in vitamin D.

sedentary a report on the health of Italian residents points out that laziness has become the bane of longevity. Professor Zhou Yingchun, chief physician of the Department of traditional Chinese medicine of Nanfang Hospital of Southern Medical University, said that sedentary for a long time makes metabolism slow. If this happens for a long time, it is easy to face the threat of high blood pressure and diabetes. In contrast, people who get up every once in a while are less likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome. Stewart, Professor of sports psychology at Loughborough University, UK? Baiduo said that even if he went to the gym every day, he would be sedentary if he sat in his chair all the rest of the time. Zhou Yingchun suggested that office workers should develop the habit of standing at all times, such as standing on the phone and holding meetings; After sitting for a long time, you should get up to expand your chest, stretch your waist and move your neck.

don’t wash your hands frequently a study published at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society shows that adenovirus-36 can transform stem cells in adults into fat cells through a unique gene. Jie Wei, a doctor of Neurobiology at Southern Medical University, explained that adenovirus is a common virus that can infect respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract and other organs. It can cause cell metabolic dysfunction and is often transmitted through coughing, sneezing and unclean hands. Therefore, washing hands regularly can avoid the risk of virus infection and protect metabolism.

don’t wash fruits and vegetables carefully Canadian scientists have found that toxic substances contained in pesticide contaminated food will be stored in fat cells after ingestion, interfering with energy metabolism and slowing down the metabolism. Zhu Yi, an associate professor of the school of food science and nutrition engineering at China Agricultural University, suggests that when washing fruits and vegetables, it is the best way to wash them under running water for half a minute. You can also add flour to the water to soak them, rub them, and then rinse them. It is best to wash them several times.

I don’t eat breakfast research by Imperial College London found that if you don’t eat breakfast, your brain will release a signal that you need high calories, leading to a large increase in the probability of eating “junk food” at lunch and dinner. For a long time, the metabolism is gradually disordered, and obesity, hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes will come to us. A study by Virginia Commonwealth University in the United States shows that the richer the breakfast, the better the blood sugar and lipid control, and the lower the risk of metabolic diseases.

the interval between meals is too long eating three meals a day at a fixed time is a law formed by human evolution. Tan Guijun, director of the Nutrition Department of Tianjin First Central Hospital, said that if you don’t eat a certain meal, the interval between two meals will be too long, and the human body will be hungry for a long time, which will reduce the metabolic rate. Tan Guijun suggested that according to the normal emptying time of the stomach, it is best to interval between meals by about 4-6 hours, and add meals appropriately in the middle, but it is best to eat healthy foods such as nuts and fruits.

irregular diet some people eat without restraint and like to eat full. If they do this for a long time, they are prone to excessive fat due to excessive caloric intake, resulting in imbalance of fat metabolism and eventually increased blood lipids. Some people often eat too little for fear of gaining weight, which will “slam the brakes” on their metabolism. Studies have shown that fasting for 3 days is enough to destroy metabolic function. Therefore, if you want to control your weight, you should eat more high fiber, low calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables, and you must eat staple foods. You can use coarse grains to replace part of refined rice flour.

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