6 ways to speed up metabolism!

According to the US WebMD website, methods to promote metabolism and restore lightness can be seen everywhere. But how fast the body metabolizes depends on many factors. Some people have a high metabolic rate because of heredity, and in a static state, men tend to consume more calories than women. For most people, the human metabolism will gradually slow down after the age of 40. Although we can’t change age, sex or genetic factors, we can speed up our metabolism in other ways.

1. Exercise muscles

Even if you do nothing, your body will continue to burn calories. The more developed the muscles, the higher the resting metabolic rate. Each pound of muscle needs to consume about 6 calories per day to maintain, while each pound of fat only consumes 2 calories per day. Although the difference of 4 calories is not very large, it will also play a huge role over time. As long as you stick to strength training, after all the muscles in your body are activated, you can improve your average metabolic rate every day.

2. Drink more water

The human body needs water to participate in metabolism. If you have the habit of not drinking water if you are not thirsty, then change it quickly. Because when the human body is slightly dehydrated, the metabolism will naturally slow down. A study shows that adults who drink more than eight glasses of water a day burn more calories than those who drink only four glasses of water. In order to ensure adequate water for the human body, you can drink a glass of water or other sugar free drinks before each meal. In addition, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables also helps to replenish water.

3. Strengthen exercise

Aerobic exercise doesn’t make muscles bigger, but it can speed up your metabolism after a few hours of exercise. Compared with moderate and low-intensity exercise, high-intensity exercise can promote resting metabolic rate more effectively. Therefore, in order to speed up your metabolism, you might as well try to take part in high-intensity training in the gym or join in a sprint in the process of walking.

4. Try energy drinks

Some energy drinks contain ingredients that can accelerate metabolism. For example, taurine can accelerate the metabolism of the human body and help burn fat. However, regular consumption of energy drinks may lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, sleep problems, etc. Therefore, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children and adolescents not drink energy drinks.

5. Eat less and eat more

Don’t eat too much and too full every time. Eating regularly can help you lose weight. Do you believe that? In the few hours between meals, eating some snacks and snacks properly will help keep the metabolism running at a high speed, thus consuming more calories. Some studies also show that people who regularly eat snacks generally eat less for dinner.

6. Avoid dieting to lose weight

In order to lose weight, some women force themselves to eat less than 1200 calories of food every day. In fact, this diet is not conducive to speeding up metabolism. Weight loss may occur in the short term, but most of the weight loss comes from the decrease of muscle proportion. The less muscle, the lower the resting metabolic rate. The final result is that the body burns less heat and gains weight again.

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