How often do you wash different clothes?

T-shirts, close fitting sportswear, socks and silk clothing: after each wear sweat on clothes can breed germs, so T-shirts and close fitting sportswear should be washed every time. The water temperature for washing socks should not exceed 40 ℃, otherwise the socks will shrink and harden. Silk has poor light resistance, so don’t expose it to the sun. It’s better to dry it in a cool and ventilated place.

bra: wear it 3 ~ 4 times bras can’t be worn continuously for more than two days, because shoulder straps and so on need about 24 hours of rebound time. If they are worn continuously, the life of bras will be shortened. It is recommended to prepare more bras for wearing. When a bra is worn for 3-4 times, it should be cleaned even if it does not look dirty, because close fitting clothes are easy to be contaminated with dander and sweat, which will become a breeding ground for bacteria. When cleaning, it is recommended to use soap and hand wash in cold water. Do not twist or rub hard to prevent deformation. Lay flat and dry.

pajamas: after wearing 3 ~ 4 times if the intimate pajamas are not washed for a long time, microorganisms and skin exfoliated cells will accumulate in large quantities on the pajamas, bringing health risks. When cleaning, it is best to wash it by hand in cold water and dry it in a cool place. Otherwise, the sunlight will make the pajamas deteriorate and turn yellow, shortening their service life.

jeans: wear them 4-5 times excessive cleaning may cause jeans to fade or wear. When cleaning, turn the jeans over and wash them in cold water, then hang them in a cool place to dry.

woolen sweater: after wearing it for 6-7 times when cleaning, remember the five character formula of “warm, knead, squeeze, suck and spread”, that is, wash with warm water at 29 ℃, quickly and gently knead for 2-5 minutes, rinse clean, squeeze out the water, use a towel to absorb it, and spread it flat to dry.

down jacket, cashmere coat and leather coat: once or twice a quarter most winter clothes can be washed once at the end of winter. In the north, the winter is long, so it can be washed more in the middle of the season. Washing too often will reduce the warmth retention performance. When cleaning the down jacket, soak it in cold water for 20 minutes, then add neutral detergent, and then gently brush it with a soft brush. Dry cleaning is recommended for cashmere overcoats. If there is no obvious dirt on the leather clothes, take a cloth dipped in soda water and gently wipe it, then air dry it. Leather is easy to mildew. If you find that mildew spots or stains on leather cannot be removed, you’d better send them to dry cleaning. It should be reminded that winter clothes such as hats, gloves and scarves have more chances to contact with dirt, so they should be washed more frequently, generally 3-5 times a quarter.

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