U.S. expert: 6 points of brain agility

1. Take more sports engaging in some simple exercises every day, such as cycling, walking or gardening, can provide more blood supply to the brain, thus helping to keep cognitive functions active.

2. Reduce the risk factors of cardiovascular disease risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and smoking, will damage microvessels in the brain, thus accelerating the aging process. To reduce the risk, you need to quit smoking, maintain a healthy weight, and control your blood pressure and cholesterol.

3. Take drugs with caution elderly people who take multiple drugs at the same time will have poor cognitive function. Some drugs, such as sleeping pills, can negatively affect cognitive function. The elderly must consult their doctors about the potential side effects of these drugs.

4. Get enough sleep keeping a good sleep habit can also help delay the aging of brain function. Irregular sleep habits, daytime dozing and unstable sleep at night will all affect cognitive acuity. Taking a nap every afternoon and ensuring 7-8 hours of high-quality sleep every night are most beneficial to brain function.

5. Stimulate brain function participating in intellectual activities is an important way to protect brain function. It is very easy to guess puzzles, play Sudoku games, play chess and checkers. You can also download puzzle games on your mobile phone (tablet). It needs to be noted that only if you persist can you have results.

6. Good at communication some people often participate in social activities, and their health is better than those who are isolated from society. Please try to go out of the room and share a good time with your friends. You can help primary school students with their homework or participate in community volunteer activities.

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