Summer sleeping mat, high temperature drying is the key

In the scorching summer, summer mats have become a popular “summer artifact”. However, improper use of mats will lead to “mat dermatitis”, and not everyone is suitable for sleeping on mats. Let’s learn about the precautions for sleeping on the mat.

for the first time, the mat needs to be disinfected and dried at high temperature.

When many people use the mat for the first time, they either simply wipe it with a towel scalded with boiling water or directly expose it to the sun without scalding. In fact, simply scalding or exposing to the sun can not achieve the goal of completely eliminating dust mites. You must scald and then expose to the sun.

There are two methods to effectively kill dust mites in mats. One is to spray and seal with insecticide that is non-toxic to human body for a period of time before cleaning. The second is to scald the mats with boiling water. As long as the mats used for the first time are scalded in boiling water for about 10 minutes and then dried, mites can be removed. Whether it is a newly bought summer mat or a summer mat in previous years, when it is taken out for use for the first time this year, it needs to be carefully cleaned and exposed to the sun to kill mites and their eggs. Especially for the summer mat in the next year, this kind of summer mat has more mold than the newly bought summer mat. It needs to be cleaned and sterilized.

the mats should be scrubbed at least twice a week.

Many people cleaned the mats when they first used them, and then stopped cleaning them all summer. This is also inappropriate. In summer, we sweat a lot, and our sweat is mixed with the mats and sheets. If we don’t change our clothes often, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause skin diseases. At ordinary times, we’d better scrub at least twice a week and expose ourselves to the sun once a half month.

In addition, for babies with delicate skin, suitable mattresses should be selected, such as straw mattresses, rattan mattresses and linen mattresses. The mattresses made of rattan, rush and linen fabrics have good moisture absorption and permeability, and are soft and cool. They have little friction damage to delicate skin, and can minimize the occurrence of urine rash and diarrhea.

two major causes of “mat dermatitis”

There are two main reasons for mat dermatitis: one is allergy caused by mat materials. Generally speaking, mats made of rope, reed and grass are easy to cause allergy, while those made of bamboo and rattan are less allergic. The second is the skin inflammation caused by the bite of mites. Bite marks or bruises the size of a needle can often be seen from the rash. Clinically, it is found that the “mat dermatitis” of most patients belongs to the latter.

Dermatitis related to contact with Dermatophagoides farinae is called “papular urticaria” by doctors. Generally, it does not spread due to scratching, and herpes only occurs at the place where mites bite. Some patients with “mat dermatitis” may improve their dermatitis symptoms after solving the problem of cleaning the mat. Therefore, the patient had better not scratch the dermatitis site, so as not to form nodular prurigo and affect the recovery speed.

four categories of people should not sleep on mats

1. Don’t sleep on the mat when you get cold or catch a cold.

2. People with weak constitution, cold stomach and Qi deficiency should not sleep on the mat.

3. People with skin diseases such as abscesses should not sleep on mats.

4. Diabetics are not suitable for sleeping on mats.

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