Three magic weapons of skin whitening? What is the magic weapon of skin whitening

How does skin dark yellow do? This is a headache for most Asian women. Most Asians are yellow, but there are also shades of skin color. No matter how dark or light your skin is, we want to whiten it to the end. If you are a blonde, you don’t need to worry about how to whiten.

Three magic weapons:

Whitening magic weapon 1: eat more bean products

For example, eating tofu and drinking soy milk are all possible. Soy products are known as natural animal hormones. Some middle-aged women eat more soy products, which can also regulate estrogen in the body and delay menopause. I often eat bean products, and my skin is white and tender.

Whitening magic weapon 2: one tomato a day

We all know that VC is a good thing for whitening. It can also remove freckles. Eating tomatoes often will also supplement enough vitamin C. It is best to eat it raw. It has the highest nutritional value. You can use some ingredients, such as tomatoes mixed with sugar. It is sour, sweet and delicious.

Whitening Magic Weapon 3: a bag of milk a day

Milk is a good thing. It contains abundant mineral resources. Keep a glass of milk before you go to bed every day, which can improve your beauty and help you sleep. It is also a good choice to insist on making a facial mask with milk. I usually use milk + pearl powder + ve to coordinate to make a facial mask, which is cheap and has good consequences. Sisters who want to whiten quickly can try it.

Five tips:

1、 Choose oily cleansing products

Many people think that as long as the cleansing is clean and thorough, or as long as the product is labeled with whitening and oil control effects, it is a good facial cleanser. This idea may be suitable for young women around 20 years old, but if you are in your third year, then oily cleansing products are absolutely super suitable and will be more targeted than products with whitening and oil control only.

2、 Supplement vitamin C for anti-aging

You can use skin care products containing vitamin C, and you can also eat various vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C, which has a very good effect on whitening and yellowing. Vitamin C skin care products are best used before sleep at night, which is not easy to be irradiated and lead to rapid failure. Apples, kiwifruit, cherries, tomatoes, grapes and so on are all excellent vitamin C vegetables and fruits, which are both cheap and delicious. As long as you are a girl who loves eating fruit in life, your skin will be brighter and more colorful than those sisters who don’t like eating fruit!

3、 Choose a Hydrating Face Cream with water oil balance

The importance of skin hydration cannot be overemphasized. Usually, the easiest way is to use a moisturizing and clear moisturizing cream. Before buying a high-quality moisturizing cream, you need to know the balance of water and oil suitable for your skin, so as to effectively moisturize. Too oily essence, although it has a certain lasting effect of locking water, makes people look greasy; Although the thin essence can make the skin feel more comfortable, it will dry out quickly; Can not play a particularly good water replenishing effect.

4、 Hyaluronic acid is selected

With the passage of time and the increase of age, the content of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases significantly. This change can be controlled. As long as we choose skin care products containing hyaluronic acid, we can replenish the lost hyaluronic acid in time and reduce the skin aging rate to the slowest level. Hyaluronic acid stock solution or toner is the most convenient and direct supplement method. As long as it is used properly, it is no longer a dream to prolong the skin’s age by three to five years.

5、 Change incorrect living habits

Staying up late, smoking and heavy make-up are not only harmful to health, but also the murderers of skin thickening and aging. Staying up late will lead to endocrine disorder of the human body, and the face will be dark yellow and lusterless; Smoking accumulates toxins in the body and destroys the balance of various organisms; In addition, the residue of heavy makeup powder will seriously block pores, and strong makeup removers will often make your skin look like sandpaper (surfactant is super high). These are undesirable bad habits. For our own health and beauty, get rid of these bad habits!

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