Eight kinds of freckle and beauty food therapy secret recipe and eight kinds of freckle and beauty food therapy methods

Maculopathy refers to freckles, chloasma, etc. Freckles often occur on the exposed parts of the face and neck of teenagers, especially in young women with white skin. Their color is swarthy, the size of needles or beans, and the shape is like a bird’s egg, so it is named. So what can I eat to remove freckles?

Melasma is a pigmented skin disease that occurs on the face and varies in size. Sunlight and ultraviolet radiation can deepen the color of color spots. The etiology is related to endocrine, nutrition and sun exposure. According to traditional Chinese medicine, this disease is mostly caused by liver depression and spleen deficiency, and the liver and kidney are insufficient. It should be treated by Tonifying the liver and kidney, soothing the liver and strengthening the spleen. The following medicinal diet can be selected.

(1) walnut and sesame drink

30 grams of walnuts, 20 grams of sesame, 200 ml of milk and soybean milk, and an appropriate amount of white sugar. Grind the walnut kernel and sesame seeds into fine powder, mix them with milk and soybean milk, boil them, taste them with sugar, and divide them into 2 portions, one in the morning and one in the evening, one dose per day. It can replenish deficiency, nourish fluid and moisten intestines, moisturize skin and eliminate spots.

(2) black and white speckle elimination

10g black fungus and 5g white fungus. Grind two ears into fine powder, 5g each time, three times a day, and drink with honey water for 1 month. It can eliminate stasis and remove spots, moisturize and nourish the skin.

(3) white duck Xiaoban soup

One white duck, 200g yam, 100g raw land, 30g Lycium barbarum, and appropriate seasoning. Remove the hair and miscellaneous bones of the white duck, wash it, smear the inside and outside of the duck with salt, pepper and yellow rice wine, sprinkle spring onion and ginger, marinate for about 1 hour, and cut it into small pieces; Yam slices. Place the raw cloth bag at the bottom of the bowl, and then include Chinese yam, Chinese wolfberry and duck diced. Steam it in a cage and take it, 2-3 doses a week. It can nourish the liver and kidney, nourish yin and eliminate spots.

(4) gouqi Shengdi powder

100 grams of Lycium barbarum and 30 grams of raw land. Bake, grind and mix the Chinese wolfberry and raw land, take 10g of each, three times a day, and take warm boiled water or appropriate amount of Baijiu for one month. It can replenish the liver and kidney and remove black spots

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