Mobile phone sterilization once a week

what? You eat and sleep with the toilet every day!!! yes! Scientists have said that mobile phones are much dirtier than toilets. Partners should pay attention.

Data show that people may touch 300 different object surfaces every half an hour, and then touch their face 18 times an hour on average. These actions can easily lead to bacteria entering the mouth or nose, attacking human cells and causing discomfort. 65% of colds, 50% of diarrhea and 50% to 80% of food poisoning are caused by bacteria on TV remote control or light switch. There are about 120000 bacteria stationed in mobile phones per square centimeter, more than toilet covers. The heat generated by mobile phone batteries also provides convenient conditions for bacteria to reproduce.

How can we prevent germs from such a dirty mobile phone? Below, Xiaobian will introduce three tips for you.

plug in a headphone cable to answer the phone

To effectively isolate the close contact between bacteria and our face and skin, we might as well plug in a headphone cable to answer the phone, which can not only reduce radiation, but also effectively prevent bacteria on the mobile phone from rubbing on our face, which is a good choice for skin health and physical health.

disinfect once a week

We can really feel the bacteria in mobile phones, and even many people think that long-term use of mobile phones without disinfection is just like not washing hands after defecation. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in disinfection of mobile phones. Experts pointed out that it is more appropriate to disinfect once a week, and frequent disinfection will also cause some harm to mobile phones.

The purpose of mobile phone disinfection can be achieved by using disinfectant, 75% medical alcohol and ultraviolet disinfection lamp. Every week, gently wipe the body of the mobile phone with a cotton swab stained with medical alcohol. Pay attention to using the mobile phone after the alcohol is completely volatilized, so as not to cause a short circuit of the mobile phone.

cross infection should also be prevented.

Many people like to put mobile phones and RMB in their pockets. However, this will only aggravate the spread of mobile phone bacteria. In fact, we can equip mobile phones with a small bag to avoid cross infection with other objects.

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