How many methods to replenish water and dispel acne once? I’ll teach you a few tricks to moisturize and eliminate acne at once

Aloe gel is a natural herbal plant with high medical value. It is a rare beauty and skin care holy product. It has the effects of moisturizing, acne removing, whitening and sunscreen. It is called universal aloe gel. Here we will share the beauty and skin care methods of aloe gel to create perfect skin.

1、 When Hydrating Face Cream

Apply Aloe Vera Gel directly on your face as a face cream, which has a great moisturizing effect. Because it is a viscous gel, it is best to massage it to help skin absorb it. The polysaccharide in Aloe vera gel is a little sticky when applied to your face, but it will be OK after a while. Aloe gel is relatively refreshing, which is very good for summer use, and especially suitable for oily skin.

2、 Make facial mask

After cleaning the face, first apply a thick aloe vera gel, and then apply a facial mask paper soaked with pure dew. When it is removed after 20 minutes, it will bring sufficient moisture to the skin, and has a very good repair effect. It can repair damaged skin tissues, and make the skin smooth and elastic. Wrinkles are significantly reduced, and the skin becomes white.

3、 Moisturizing Eye Mask

Aloe vera gel can help you solve the pouch and dark circles under the eyes caused by staying up late or sleeping poorly. Apply the chilled aloe gel to the eye bags, which can replenish water and eliminate edema.

4、 Effective freckle removal

Mix aloe vera gel and water in the ratio of 1:3, then evenly smear it on the face, and then massage it to help the skin absorb quickly and enhance circulation. Three times a day, two times during the day should not be applied too thick, and the application before bed can be thicker. This method does not work immediately. You should adhere to it. It takes 3 months for slight spots to show their effect.

5、 Repair acne

Mature acne can be squeezed out. However, it is necessary to be prepared for disinfection before the event. Immediately after squeezing out, apply aloe vera gel and thicken it to help the acne recover quickly, and there is no need to worry about leaving acne marks and scars.

6、 Repair after sunburn

Put aloe vera gel into the refrigerator for cold storage, and apply the chilled aloe vera gel to the sunburned skin, which can relieve the sunburned skin in time and calm the sunburn irritation. (you can also use facial mask paper to soak the diluted aloe vera gel and apply it to your face, keep it for about 15 minutes, and then remove it.)

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