What are the acne removing DIY facial mask? What are the acne removing DIY facial mask

Pimples “are not young at all. The smaller the pimples on your face, the more they grow. No matter how beautiful they are, they will become pockmarked faces. Try to get rid of them, but why do they always have no effect? Various skin care products have been used in turn, and not only have not improved, but also grow more and more. How can this happen? It is really so difficult to get rid of pimples? Of course, it is not. It is not because you are not hard enough to get rid of pimples, but because you have gone into a wrong area. If you go wrong, naturally there will be no results.

1、 Beware of the misunderstanding of acne elimination

1. After puberty, Acne Naturally disappears. Most of the acne breaks out in adolescence, so its name comes from this. But this alone does not mean that it only occurs in adolescence, nor does it mean that it will automatically get better after adolescence.

2. Do not wear sunscreen, some people think that sunscreen will block pores, so they dare not wear sunscreen at all. In fact, excessive ultraviolet radiation will aggravate the pigmentation of acne marks.

3. Oily skin only controls oil but does not replenish water. Most people with acne have oily skin. The so-called big oil field also comes from this. Many people have oil spots on their faces and are still trying to control oil for their skin. Little do they realize that it is important to replenish water and moisturize. Only when the skin is seriously short of water can they secrete more oil to protect the skin.

4. “Naked skin” does not pay attention to maintenance. Many people think that if you have acne, you should not apply anything. In fact, “naked skin” will aggravate the loss of skin moisture, but will strengthen the stimulation to the skin and make the skin secrete more oil.

5. You can’t squeeze pimples with your hands at will. You think that there are many germs on people’s hands, which will cause secondary infection of pimples and leave permanent pits in serious cases. Therefore, when applying acne removing products at ordinary times, do not apply them directly by hand.

6. Exfoliation is infrequent. Excessive accumulation of old and waste horniness on the skin will cause a burden on the skin. Therefore, acne muscles should also use exfoliation to remove old and waste horniness on the surface of the skin and let the skin breathe again. However, frequent exfoliation will also damage the stratum corneum.

If you want to get rid of acne, don’t make the above mistakes again. So how should acne removal be done? Try this homemade facial mask.

2、 Acne removing DIY facial mask

1. Cucumber acne removing facial mask

Homemade cabbage and cucumber juice acne removing and whitening facial mask material: one cabbage leaf and two cucumbers.

Method: after washing the cabbage, iron the leaves with an electric iron, then wash the cucumber, put it into a juicer and extract the juice for use.

Application: After facial cleansing, evenly apply cucumber juice on your face, then cover the scalded cabbage leaves on your face, wait for about 30 minutes, take them off, and then wash your face with clean water.

Efficacy: this homemade cabbage leaf facial mask has the effect of cooling and reducing fire, and can help eliminate acne and inflammation.

Application: suitable for all kinds of acne skin.

2. Carrot + flour

usage method:

1. Wash fresh carrots and mash them.

2. Mash the mashed carrot and its juice with flour.

3. Apply carrot puree to your face every other day for 10 minutes.

Efficacy: this facial mask has the functions of removing pimples, lightening spots, treating acne and resisting facial wrinkles. If you can eat more carrots (cooked to facilitate the digestion and absorption of carotene), the external and internal therapeutic effects will be better. If you only use carrots to make mud, it will be sticky and will not fall off easily when applied to the skin, so you can not use flour. It also has a good effect to wash your face with the juice extracted from carrots.

However, I want to remind that homemade facial mask can not guarantee its applicability to sensitive skin. If you have allergic symptoms after use, please stop using the facial mask and seek medical advice immediately. In fact, there are many acne products on the market that are suitable for sensitive muscles, so it’s good to carefully select them.

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