The truth behind the 12 ODD symptoms

Symptom 1: my legs and feet often cramp when I sleep, and sometimes I wake up with pain.

Reason: when our body is resting, the brain does not stop its activity, and the active nerve cells will keep the muscles moving, while the brain sends a signal to relax the muscles of the legs and feet, which leads to the spasm of the muscles of the legs. Although it only takes a few seconds, it is enough to wake you up from your sleep.

Solution: if you have cramps more than 4 times a week, which often causes you to wake up in the evening due to cramps, it can not be ignored. It may be that the content of minerals (such as magnesium and calcium) in your diet is insufficient, motor neuron disease or local circulation is poor, peripheral vascular diseases or varicose veins. This requires systematic examination and treatment.

Symptom 2: when chewing, the chin often makes a noise, attracting attention from others.

Cause: it is most likely that the tense cheek muscles are too tired or exert incorrect force. If the muscles exert incorrect force, the temporomandibular joint will be blocked. It is the joint connecting the jaw and the skull, located below the ear. If there is a noise when you chew occasionally, it should not be too big a problem, but you should also remember to check it when you go to the dentist next time.

Solution: if there is a noise every time you eat, or even accompanied by Gill pain, tinnitus or headache, you are likely to suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, and you should see a doctor in time.

The general treatment is to take the instrument to fix the jaw when you sleep, which can fix the muscles of the jaw in place and prevent you from gritting your teeth when you sleep. Eat less hard food at ordinary times, and then apply a hot towel to your face every week, so that the muscles of your cheeks can be relaxed and the fatigue of your muscles can be alleviated.

Symptom 3: “the left eye jumps for wealth and the right eye jumps for disaster”. The eyelids often jump nonstop, and people will think wildly.

Cause: eyelid jerk is a muscle spasm around the eyes caused by fatigue or pressure, which usually lasts for about 20 seconds. Gently pressing the eyelids with your fingers can alleviate this symptom.

Solution: if your eyes are painful or you see things indistinctly or have double shadows, you need to have a careful ophthalmic examination at this time, because these symptoms are likely to be the precursors of retinal detachment or eye infection.

Symptom 4: the skin often itches inexplicably.

Reason: the skin is too dry or the nerve fibers are stimulated, which will give you a itchy feeling, because the nerve endings are particularly sensitive to inflammation and changes in the surrounding environment, especially the temperature, and it is easy to feel itchy.

Solution: try to rub some skin care products or talcum powder after taking a bath, which will effectively relieve itching. If the skin itches for a long time and is accompanied by red fever, you should see a doctor in time, because long-term large-area skin itching may be caused by problems in the liver, kidney and lymph, or a rash caused by bacteria.

Symptom 5: difficulty breathing when sleeping on your side.

Reason: when sleeping, especially those who are used to lying on their sides, the blood in the nasal mucosa often flows back poorly due to gravity, thus causing nasal congestion. Another possibility is that there is a foreign body in the nose. So keeping the nasal cavity clean is particularly important.

Solution: long term nasal congestion will cause pressure in the nasal cavity and even the nasal chamber, and then cause headache. It will also narrow or even completely close the olfactory nerve existing between the middle nasal membrane and the middle turbinate, and finally you can’t smell. If it is accompanied by vision loss and tinnitus, it can no longer be ignored. As there are many reasons for nasal congestion, the best way is to seriously go to the otolaryngology department for a detailed examination.

Symptom 6: there is a white spot under the nail.

Reason: when you hit your hand or squeeze your finger by the door when you move something, you may have white spots on your nails, which is purely caused by trauma. When new nails grow out, white spots will naturally disappear.

Solution: if every nail has white spots, which are not caused by trauma, it indicates that there is a problem with the liver or kidney. If the nail is easy to break or thicken, it may be onychomycosis or infection, which requires oral and external medication. But if only white spots appear repeatedly, it indicates that the body is short of iron and should be diagnosed in time

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