These four methods can whiten the whole body, and these four methods can whiten the whole body

If you want to be white, you must be white all over. Otherwise, if your body has two colors: white face and black neck, it will look very awkward. Next, Xiaobian brings you several ways to whiten the whole body. Let’s have a look.

What is the method of whitening the whole body?

1. Whitening with milk

If you only whiten your face, use more whitening facial mask and whitening products. But when it comes to body whitening, it is much more difficult. Girls who want to whiten can use more milk to whiten their bodies. After taking a bath every night, take out the milk and apply it to all the skin below the neck. After a period of time, you will find that your skin becomes white and tender. Facial whitening is best separated from body whitening. Although body milk is not irritating, it is only applicable to the skin of the body, not the face! The facial skin is too delicate and fragile, which is suitable for facial mask and skin care products.

2. Take more “Whitening Bath” and rose essential oil bath

Rose is a famous whitening and beauty product. Rose tea is deeply loved by many women and has the functions of detoxification, whitening and beauty. Women who want to whiten can drink more rose tea. In addition, rose essential oil bath is also very beneficial to whitening. Friends with bathtubs can add an appropriate amount of rose essential oil to the bathtub every night, which can effectively whiten the whole body for a long time. Milk bath, milk bath can whiten the whole body. Before bathing, add 500ml of milk into the bathtub, add warm water to stir evenly, and then soak the whole body in the bathtub. Wait about half an hour before changing the water. If you are in good financial condition, it is recommended to take a bath with a whole bath of milk!

3. Apply “Body Mask”

What needs to be prepared is honey and brown sugar. Then mix honey and black sugar evenly, and the black sugar can be beaten into powder. After stirring, take a hot bath, and apply it to your whole body 20 minutes later. Wait for 10 minutes to rinse with water, and do this “Body Mask” twice a week, which can whiten the whole body. Here we need to remind everyone that honey plus black sugar is not recommended for the face. Remember, facial and body whitening should be carried out separately.

4. Lemon slice bath

If you want to whiten your whole body healthily and safely, the first step is to take a bath. Usually use the bath liquid with the best whitening effect, and take a bath with lemon slices. Add 5 lemon slices to the bathtub to soak for 10 minutes, then soak in the whitening bath lotion for half an hour, wash twice a week, and persist for a long time. It will make your skin white and tender.

The above is the relevant knowledge about what the whole body whitening method is. I believe that after reading the above content, you will have a general understanding of this problem. In future life, if you want to whiten, you can take the above four methods.

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