How many methods can help you whiten your whole body? Is green tea bath also a holy product of whitening? I’ll teach you some tips to help you whiten your whole body. Green tea bath is also a holy product of whitening

Girls often say that they want to whiten their skin, but most girls only pay attention to the whitening of facial skin and ignore the whitening of the body. Summer is coming, and shorts and short sleeves are ready. We should start to whiten the whole body. Only in summer can we confidently show off tender and white skin.

Method 1: exfoliate skin

The accumulation of old horniness will cause our skin to be rough and dull. Not only the facial skin will have horniness accumulation, but also the body will have horniness accumulation. But the whole body exfoliation method is not the same. Different parts should be differentiated for exfoliation.

Tips1: facial exfoliation

Facial oil secretion, coupled with some dust attached to the face, easily makes our skin accumulate old horniness, so we must exfoliate regularly, at least once a week. For oily skin, we can use scrub exfoliating products, but for dry skin, we should choose mild exfoliating products.

Tips2: body exfoliation

For exfoliating the body skin, you can choose bath essence or exfoliating product with exfoliating effect. After washing, it will have a smooth and tender effect. Then, use bathroom steam to open the pores, so that dirt and body wastes can be easily discharged.

Method 2: tomato whitening

This whitening formula can whiten both face and hands. Especially for acne skin, it can effectively remove greasiness, prevent infection, and make skin white and delicate.

Formula: half tomato and proper amount of honey.

Usage: stir the tomatoes into tomato juice, then add appropriate amount of honey to stir until paste. Apply evenly to face or hands, and wash off after about 15 minutes. It is recommended to do it 1-2 times a week.

Method 3: green tea bath

Put 3-5 bags of drunk green tea residues or tea bags into stockings or cotton bags, and then put the cloth bags into the bathtub to inject hot water. The recommended soaking time is 10-20 minutes.

It is also OK to choose coarser tea, usually about 250g at a time.

However, you should choose tea with a relatively mild acidity and alkalinity. Excessive acidity or alkalinity will be harmful to your skin.

Green tea bath can remove oil and dirt from skin, help to freshen skin, remove prickly heat and soften horniness. In addition, as a bath agent, green tea can also warm the body from the inside out, which is especially suitable for people with asthenic cold. Long term adherence can also achieve whitening effect.

If you want to whiten your whole body, in addition to the above methods, you should also pay attention to small details in life.

Warm tips

1. One salad a day, choose the right sauce to double the whitening effect of the whole body.

2. Don’t drink tea after dinner. Animal iron creates love and lust.

3. Adequate sleep can effectively relieve the pressure of life. Listening to more music is also a good helper for whitening the whole body.

4. Smoke less and drink less stimulating drinks to ensure sleep and keep skin tender and smooth.

5. Stay away from artificial additives, eat less fried food, and use hormones and contraceptives with caution.

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