What is the fastest way to whiten the whole body? What is the fastest way to whiten the whole body

What is the fastest way to whiten the whole body? Do you worry that your skin will be damaged in the hot summer sun? Girls always hope that they can be whiter and whiter. However, we know that it is impossible to achieve lasting whitening by relying on beauty and whitening skin care products alone. The fastest way to whiten the skin needs to pay more attention to daily whitening protection measures. There are various whitening methods. Today, the Xiaobian who seeks medical advice will introduce the fastest way to whiten the skin.

Countermeasure 1: UV protection

After so many years of exposure, we have long known that ultraviolet rays are one of the culprits causing color spots, dullness and uneven skin tone. Ultraviolet rays will accelerate the conversion of DOPA to dopamine, and a large amount of melanin will come uninvited. However, is it really necessary to do a good job in sun protection only in the hot summer? NO!

UV damage will still occur in spring. Many people think that sun protection is an important maintenance step if the sun is not strong. In fact, this is not only allowing UV rays to damage the collagen layer of the skin, but also providing a hotbed for many “potential spots”. As long as summer goes to autumn, color spots will erupt in large areas. In fact, in this season, it is OK to choose a SPF20, PA + + or so solar protection product. Don’t forget that daily sun protection is the basic premise of anti-aging and whitening work.

Countermeasure 2: suppress glossiness

Perhaps few people associate excessive oil secretion with dark skin color. In fact, the abnormal activity of sebaceous glands accelerates oil secretion. While acting as a natural sebum barrier, this layer of oil on the surface of the skin can not be spared from being oxidized by the air, so that when viewed from outside, it looks oily, but it is yellow, dark and lifeless.

Oil control in spring is different from that in summer, because the temperature in spring is not high and the air is still relatively dry, so oil control and moisturizing should be combined. You can choose cleansing products containing aha, BHA and kaolin according to your skin’s preferences to wash away greasy and dirt, and use some moisturizing products containing hyaluronic acid and water-soluble collagen to inject water into your skin and form a water lock film. Finally, you can use star oil control ingredients such as salicylic acid and matte fiber to inhibit oil secretion. In this way, your skin will not feel greasy at all at the end of the day, And it looks moist and transparent.

Countermeasure 3: lighten spots and brighten skin

Having spots seems to be a pain in every woman’s heart, and it always leaves people with a regret of white jade with slight flaws. If there are no color spots and the skin is white and transparent, it seems that the moral value will soar to full immediately. The formation of color spots often gives people the impression that they occur in one day, but this is not the case. In fact, there are many kinds of active metal ions in the skin. When these metal ions encounter ultraviolet rays and self pressure, they will stimulate tyrosinase in the skin to stimulate cells to produce melanin, and also make the already existing “invisible color spots” in the skin explode in a large area, which will eventually cause intuitive color spots and uneven skin color. The key to fight against color spots is to isolate metal ions and reduce the activity of metal ions, inhibit lysozyme, and take precautions before the formation of color spots.

For color spots, vitamin C glycosides will always be the pioneer in this field, which can not only reduce melanin, but also inhibit lysozyme. At the same time, coagulant ingredients (clotting acid and tetrahydro magnolial alcohol) can act on melanocytes that produce slight inflammation to “clear fire” the skin. It is worth mentioning that whether there are color spots or not, don’t forget to protect yourself from sun during day care all year round.

The above fastest ways to whiten the skin are mainly the daily whitening protection measures introduced. Sunscreen in summer is the primary work, followed by oil control in summer and keeping the skin clean. The fastest way to whiten the skin is to strengthen the spot lightening work.

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