How does dark yellow skin make skin white? Do these six points and say goodbye to dark yellow skin with ease

It is almost every woman’s dream to have white and red skin, but the fast pace of modern life, coupled with the lack of in-depth skin care, has led to many beautiful women’s dark faces. Although BB cream can be applied every day to brighten their skin, the foundation of their skin is getting worse and worse.

How can I whiten my skin? Next, experts will introduce some useful methods to you.

1、 Excluding the internal causes, yellow skin has its roots. Some are caused by bad living habits, and some may be organic problems.

According to clinical research, 80% of skin problems are related to liver, spleen and kidney dysfunction.

For example, the liver directly affects the blood vessels, and when the liver is hot or the liver Qi is stagnant, it is easy to form Qi and blood blockage, which affects the blood circulation of the face and makes the skin naturally dull; The spleen governs digestion and absorption. If the spleen is deficient, the absorption of nutrients in food and the transformation of energy will be affected.

Yellow skin and long spots will follow; In ancient medicine, “kidney dominates black” means that deficiency of the kidney will cause dark and yellow skin.

Therefore, after diagnosis, everyone should prescribe the right medicine according to their own etiology and regulate endocrine, which is the key to improving skin.

2、 Improve the dietary structure this is a fast food era. Many beautiful women prefer spicy or heavy taste, resulting in unreasonable dietary structure, unbalanced nutrition, and inevitably dull skin.

Improve the dietary structure, pay attention to supplementing qi and blood, and eat more chestnuts, red dates, lotus seeds, etc. these fruits and dried fruits have the effect of Supplementing Qi.

For example, litchi, longan pine nuts, peanuts, cherries and grapes contain a certain amount of folic acid, brass and niacin, which have the effect of nourishing blood.

But pay attention that the daily intake should not exceed 100g! 3、 Often drink green tea green tea tea is rich in vitamin A, and green tea itself has a considerable antioxidant capacity, so that the skin can resist oxygen and remove yellow, and effectively change the dark yellow skin.

It is highly recommended that white-collar workers who often sit in the office often drink green tea.

4、 Pay attention to skin cleaning daily cosmetics and dust will leave traces on the skin. If you don’t clean your face thoroughly after work, sebum and dust will mix together to form dirt, oxidize and deteriorate, disrupt the rhythm of skin metabolism, and make your skin dull and dull.

In particular, for beauties who work with computers for a long time, static electricity will adsorb dust in the air, leading to clogging of skin pores and dark yellow skin.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to skin cleaning. In addition to carefully removing makeup and washing your face every day, it is better to carry out deep cleaning and exfoliation once a week to help remove dirt entrained in the deep layer of the skin, dredge pores, and double the absorption capacity of the skin.

6、 Before going to bed, the absorption capacity of the skin with facial mask at night is several times that of the day. Paying attention to the maintenance of the skin before going to bed is more conducive to whitening and yellowing.

Before going to bed every day, use a whitening and yellowing facial mask, preferably a facial mask containing VC and other whitening ingredients, to fully replenish the moisture of the skin and make the skin radiant.

I hope you can pay attention to skin maintenance after reading these methods, so that your skin will become white, tender and radiant.

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