Five things before bed make people live longer

There are five things that must be done before going to bed. Although these five things seem trivial, they can make your whole body and mind healthy and completely relax. At the same time, they can improve your sleep quality and let you work with full energy.

1. Have a glass of milk with honey. There is an ancient folk saying: “salt soup in the morning and honey in the evening.” That is to say, drink light salt boiled water in the morning and honey water in the evening. According to the research of foreign medical experts, milk contains L-tryptophan, which can promote sleep. Drinking a glass of milk with honey one hour before bed can help sleep. Honey can help maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, so as to avoid waking up early, especially for the elderly who often suffer from insomnia.

2. Comb your hair. Ancient doctors have discovered that there are many acupoints on the head. Through combing, they can massage and stimulate, calm the liver, extinguish wind, open the mind, relieve pain and improve eyesight. Comb your scalp with your fingers in the morning and evening until it is red and hot, which can dredge the blood flow in the head, improve the brain’s thinking and memory ability, promote the nutrition of hair roots, reduce hair loss, eliminate brain fatigue, and fall asleep early.

3. Wash (rub) your feet. As a folk saying goes, “it is better to scald your feet before going to bed than to take sleeping pills”, “it is better to wash your feet before going to bed than to take tonics”, “it is better to raise trees and roots, and protect people’s feet”. Foreign medical experts call the foot “the second heart of the human body” and “the pump of the heart”, and highly praise the health care function of the foot.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that more than 60 acupoints on the feet are closely related to the five Zang Fu organs. If you can cultivate the ability to wash your feet with warm water (40-50 ℃) and massage the soles of your feet and toes before going to bed every day, it can promote the circulation of Qi and blood, relax muscles and collaterals, and restore the balance of yin and Yang. For the elderly, it has the effect of dispelling diseases and keeping fit.

4. Take a walk. Walking calmly for 10-20 minutes will make the blood circulate to the body surface, and the skin can be maintained “alive” after sleeping. After lying down, without reading books and newspapers and considering problems, the activity of the brain will be reduced and sleep will be faster.

5. Brush your teeth, wash your face and body. Brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than in the morning. It can not only clear the deposits in your mouth, but also help protect your teeth and help you sleep soundly; After watching TV, wash your face and body to protect your skin and make your sleep comfortable and relaxed.

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