The health care function of nose hair can be counted for you one by one

Brushing teeth and washing face are essential hygiene habits in people’s daily life. However, nose cleaning is often ignored and becomes a forgotten “corner”.

Nasal cavity is the “air conditioner” and “filter” of the lung, which plays a pivotal role in preventing germs from entering the human body. The dust inhaled in the nasal cavity can be removed within 15 minutes through 24-hour continuous breathing.

However, when the nasal cavity is polluted and dry, the movement of nasal cilia will be hindered, and a large amount of dirt and bacteria will be deposited on the nasal mucosa and nasal cilia, which is directly related to the induction of inflammation and allergic diseases such as rhinitis and sinusitis. According to the survey, 80% of respiratory infection diseases such as viral influenza, upper respiratory tract infection and pneumonia are caused by patients neglecting nasal cleaning.

Therefore, relevant experts suggest that people should pay attention to maintaining appropriate indoor temperature and humidity as far as possible; Don’t pick your nose with your hands, don’t pull the hair on your nose; After getting up, cover your mouth and nose with a warm towel to breathe for several minutes; You can also wash your nose directly with cold water, which not only exercises the adaptability of the upper respiratory tract to cold, but also removes dirt and keeps the nasal cavity moist.

Nose hair is the first line of defense against respiratory diseases. It has three functions:

① Nose hair can block dust and bacteria in the air, so that the human body can inhale the filtered clean air. At the same time, the role of intranasal cilia can also make some bacteria enter the stomach with mucus, killing bacteria with gastric acid.

② The nasal hair can keep the temperature of the nasal mucosa, prevent the cold air from being directly sucked into the trachea, and keep the nasal mucosa moist. It can prevent dry or atrophic rhinitis and epistaxis.

③ Nose hair can maintain the olfactory nerve from being damaged, enable the nose to smell various smells, and transmit the fragrance of food to the brain to increase appetite.

It can be seen that the role of nose hair is not small, and it should be protected. Don’t cut it casually, especially don’t pull out the nose hair, otherwise it will cause nasal vestibulitis, which will not heal for a long time and recur. Besides, nose hair will still grow after being plucked or trimmed, so those who have the habit of plucking nose hair are advised to give it up as soon as possible.

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