What are the side effects of whitening needles

What are the side effects of whitening needles? Now, there are many women who can beautify and rejuvenate their skin by taking whitening injections. This rapid skin beautifying effect has made many friends jump at it. Let’s take a look at the side effects of whitening needles?

1. What are the side effects of whitening needles?

The whitening needle needs to be injected into the blood. If the injection whitening needle has not been inspected by the health and safety department, it does not have the most basic safety guarantee when used. Even if a certain whitening needle can have whitening effect, such effect will be negligible compared with physical safety. In addition, if the whitening needle may contain steroid hormones, long-term use will also cause hormone dependence and hormone dermatitis, which will cause irreparable damage to skin health.

The ingredients in the whitening needles may be mostly vitamin C, vitamin B and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Proper use of all whitening needles is beneficial to people. But we also need to understand that excessive use of whitening needles will also bring problems, because most of these drugs are metabolized in liver and kidney organs. If they are too much, they will cause some damage to internal organs, but there will not be too much risk.

Whitening needles directly deliver drugs to the cardiovascular and cerebral circulation system through blood vessels, which is particularly harmful to the body. Therefore, it is better not to have whitening injections as far as possible. As a woman who loves beauty, she can’t sacrifice her health for beauty. Now there are many problems with whitening injections. Doctors may have unimaginable consequences if they don’t talk about the drugs themselves.

2. What is a whitening needle?

Whitening needles mainly contain some ingredients with antioxidant effect, generally including glutathione, tranexamic acid and vitamin C. On the surface, none of these substances will harm the body. Glutathione has antioxidant and detoxifying effects; Tranexamic acid can inhibit the action of melanin.

As a matter of fact, whitening needles, like genetically modified foods, have been controversial up to now. Although the whitening needle can whiten the skin in a short time (of course, there are also unsuccessful precedents), since there is no clear research result on whether the injection method is appropriate and whether the added ingredients react with each other, it can be said that no one knows whether the injection of the whitening needle will cause some harm to the human body in the future.

3. What are the benefits of whitening injections?

After the injection of the whitening needle, the beauty seeker can achieve the beauty effect of whole body skin whitening or local skin whitening. The whitening needle ingredients enter into various parts of the human body through intravenous drip injection, which can improve the overall skin texture and color.

Inject whitening needles, and adopt non-surgical methods to improve the beauty of skin. The whitening needle has remarkable efficacy in beautifying the skin, which can give full play to the antioxidant effect, provide a strong protective layer for the skin tissue, resist the invasion of ultraviolet rays, and let the skin radiate the beauty of whitening and delicate skin from inside to outside.

There are still many ingredients in the whitening needle, such as glutathione, tranexamic acid, vitamin C, etc., which can exert different degrees of drug reactions, detoxify, eliminate waste substances in the body, and accelerate the metabolism of the human body.

The benefits of the whitening needle injection are still very prominent. You can enjoy the efficacy of the injection in many aspects when you visit a regular and authoritative hospital!

what should I pay attention to when I get a whitening needle?

1. Pay attention to sunscreen

Don’t smoke or drink. At the same time, pay attention to light diet and balanced nutrition. Even if you are busy, don’t stay up late to ensure enough high-quality rest time. You can do more exercise to increase the activation effect of whitening needles.

2. Don’t play too much greedily.

Although it is said that the number of whitening needles determines the effect of whitening needles, regular hospitals will allocate appropriate whitening needle schemes for injection treatment according to the customer’s own conditions, body and skin conditions and other personal problems. Only a reasonable injection volume can ensure the best whitening effect.

3. Choose the right time.

Women in menstruation, pregnancy and lactation should not take whitening injections to avoid irreparable consequences. During the whitening injections, other drugs should not be used to avoid affecting the best effect of drugs and whitening injections.

4. The whitening needle must be dissolved before use, and the storage time must not exceed 8 hours, and the storage temperature must be below 0-5 degrees Celsius to ensure the quality of the whitening needle, so as to obtain the most ideal whitening effect.

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