Whitening care tips: does the self-made facial mask turn dark yellow into white porcelain muscle? Whitening care tips: make your own facial mask, turn dark yellow into white porcelain muscle

Every girl wants to be whiter and whiter, but life is not what people want. When the sun shines, she becomes a black girl! In fact, whitening needs care. Below, Xiao Qi shares whitening care tips. Self made facial mask transforms dark yellow skin into white porcelain muscle. Let’s have a look!

1、 Red wine Whitening Facial Mask

Materials: red wine, honey, pearl powder

Practice and efficacy: pour red wine into the facial mask bowl, add honey, mix a small amount of pearl powder, stir well, then smear it on your face, and clean it with warm water five minutes later. Alcohol can dilate blood vessels. This facial mask can remove dead skin, moisturize skin, whiten and wrinkle. Girls who want to whiten can try it!

2、 Tomato Whitening Facial Mask

Materials: tomato, lemon, flour

Method and usage: mash the fresh tomatoes, squeeze the juice from the lemon, add the tomato puree and mix with the flour, stir until it is sticky, apply it to the face, and wash it after about 30 minutes. Tomatoes and lemons contain vitamin C to reduce melanin, which is also good for removing freckles. You can see the whitening effect after two months.

3、 Tofu Whitening Facial Mask

Materials: tofu, honey, flour

Methods and effects: put a piece of white tofu into a porcelain bowl, then add a proper amount of honey, start to mash it into a mud, then add some flour, a proper amount of sticky, then apply it on your face, and wash it after about 20 minutes. White tofu contains soy protein and isoflavones, which can enhance the resistance of human skin and prevent skin from turning yellow.

4、 Egg honey facial mask

Materials: eggs, honey, pearl powder

Practice and efficacy: first add pearl powder into the bowl of facial mask, then take egg white from egg and put it in the bowl, stir it together with appropriate amount of honey, apply it on the face for a few minutes, and then wash it with warm water. Pearl powder is originally a whitening thing, and egg white also has whitening effect. There are two whitening methods, and it is impossible to keep it white.

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