Wrong sleeping habits can lead to illness

The fatigue of a day can be relieved by a good sleep. However, some wrong sleep habits will not only make the body unable to rest, but also lead to illness.

keep the electric blanket on all night this will not only make people feel thirsty after waking up, but also reduce their resistance to cold due to being used to the temperature of electric blankets, which makes them prone to colds. Other studies have shown that the male testis can ensure the vitality of sperm only at a lower temperature. If the electric blanket is turned on for a long time, the heat generated will have a negative effect on the male seminal vesicle, resulting in oligospermia or weak sperm vitality. It is recommended to turn on the power 10 minutes before going to bed. When the bedding is warm, turn off the power. As long as you don’t feel cold when you go into the bedding.

sleep with “Qi” being angry before going to bed will make people’s heart beat faster and their breathing faster. In this case, it is difficult to sleep normally, and it will seriously affect the quality of sleep and lead to depression. American research has confirmed that if a couple quarrels during the day, the sleep quality of both parties at night is often poor, and then the relationship between the couple will be affected the next day. This vicious cycle will continue.

couples sleep face to face some couples have good feelings and often sleep together. This will lead to the fact that most of the gas inhaled by one party is the exhaust gas exhaled by the other party, the brain lacks fresh oxygen or the oxygen supply is insufficient, which is very easy to cause insomnia, dreaminess, dizziness, fatigue and mental depression after waking up.

watch TV and fall asleep many people are used to watching TV in bed before going to bed, and then fall asleep. But research shows that flashing TV screens or computer screens can excite the brain and affect sleep. It is recommended to turn off the TV or computer one hour before going to bed, take a hot bath, and then go to bed.

sleep with your hands on your back sleeping with your hands under your head will not only affect blood circulation, but also cause numbness and pain in the upper limbs. It will also increase the pressure in the abdomen, leading to reflux esophagitis and affecting digestive function. In addition, raising your arms when sleeping will make the external intercostal muscles, diaphragm, abdominal wall muscles and the anterior and posterior muscles of the thorax unable to naturally pull back and relax, affecting the natural breathing of the lungs, and easily causing chest tightness and fatigue.

sleep with your mouth open the nasal hair and secretion in the nasal cavity can filter dust and debris, humidify and heat the air. If you breathe with your mouth while sleeping, your throat is easy to be infected. Many chronic pharyngitis is caused by breathing through the mouth. The most effective way to change your mouth to sleep is to deliberately close your mouth and breathe through your nose before going to bed; Try to breathe through your nose during the day, and it will take effect after a week.

sleep against the wind as the old saying goes, “the wind is the strength of all kinds of diseases, and good deeds can change many times; those who are good at regulating can not take advantage of the wind and lie in the dew in the midsummer.” It means that people’s adaptability to changes in the environment decreases when they sleep. If they sleep against the wind, they are easy to catch cold and get sick. It is recommended to avoid the wind outlet. It is enough to leave only a small crack when opening the window at night.

sleep with your shoulders exposed some people are used to exposing their shoulders outside the quilt when they sleep. Unexpectedly, it is cold in winter, and the cold wind is very easy to invade the shoulder joints, causing joint soreness, arthritis and rheumatism. It is also easy to cause cold, runny nose, poor breathing, dizziness and headache due to wind cold.

drunk fall asleep medical research shows that people who fall asleep while drunk are prone to asphyxia. Generally, they asphyxiate about twice a night for about 10 minutes each time. Moreover, people who drink too much often have nausea, vomiting and other discomfort. When lying on their backs, vomit is easy to enter the respiratory tract. If it cannot be discharged in time, it will cause aspiration pneumonia, even asphyxia and respiratory failure. After drinking, lie on your side as much as possible to discharge vomit and effectively reduce the risk of aspiration.

close doors and windows tightly when a person is asleep, his brain is also constantly active and needs enough oxygen. In general, the oxygen concentration in a well ventilated place is about 21%. If the doors and windows are closed tightly, the oxygen concentration in the bedroom will drop to 17% ~ 19% or even lower after one night’s breathing. Not only is it easy to cause hypoxia, which is not conducive to rest, but also can cause diseases over a long period of time.

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