Don’t like to bask in the sun? 3 major problems

White collar workers spend every day in the rush, especially in the cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Many people get into the subway at more than 6 a.m. and enter the office building when they get out of the subway. After that, they sit at their desks indoors all day. When they get home from work, the sun has already set. The sunlight seems to be getting farther and farther away from them, and they can only enjoy it by the window. When was the last time you got in the sun?

three major problems of not basking in the sun come to you

We often talk about the benefits of sunbathing. More sunbathing can supplement the human body with vitamin D, which is conducive to promoting the absorption of calcium by the human body. What are the hazards of not basking in the sun for a long time?

1. Calcium deficiency

The ultraviolet rays in the sun can promote the absorption of calcium. If you don’t get in the sun, you will suffer from osteoporosis due to lack of calcium in the body, and lead to rickets, rickets and other diseases.

2. Dark skin

Vitamin D is synthesized after exposure to ultraviolet rays. Vitamin D is a nutrient closely related to skin metabolism and has the function of transmitting signals for cell division. In other words, when vitamin D is insufficient, cell division will become slow, and skin problems such as dark spots, fine lines, dullness and facial blisters will easily occur.

3. Depression

Sunshine has a lot to do with the state of human spirit. In the morning, exposure to sunlight is equivalent to turning on the switch to secrete serotonin. On the contrary, life without sunshine will lead to lack of serotonin, which will lead to impatience, lack of spirit, insomnia and depression. Moreover, often feeling huge pressure will also lead to the increase of reactive oxygen species and promote skin aging.

the best time to bask in the sun: 10:00 and 16:00

No matter how busy you are, it is recommended that you take half an hour to go outdoors every day, do chest expansion exercise in the sun, take a deep breath in the sun, and stretch your body, which has been curled up all the time. This will help to patrol the Yang Qi, and also reduce the diseases and even premature aging caused by Yang Qi weakness to a certain extent. In addition, around 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. are the best times to get in the sun for health preservation. At this time, the sunlight is dominated by the beneficial ultraviolet a beam, which can make the human body produce vitamin D, so as to enhance the anti tuberculosis and anti osteoporosis ability of the human immune system, and reduce the incidence rate of arteriosclerosis.

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