What about yellow skin? How to deal with yellow skin

Dark yellow skin color will greatly discount the image of the whole person, making people look like a “yellow faced woman” who is not paid attention to, which makes many beauty loving MMS worry. So what is the reason for dark yellow skin? Here are the reasons why skincare experts can help you to analyze and the corresponding quick Whitening Tips!

Reason 1: natural skin

Born with yellow skin, yellow skin is very common. However, because yellowish skin color will make you look bad, the most important thing is that it is easy to have uneven skin color, which makes your face look dirty.

Solution: homemade pearl powder milk facial mask

Pearl powder and pure milk are cheap and effective whitening and skin care products. After mixing these two kinds of collocations, make a pearl powder milk facial mask. Apply it to your face for 20 minutes every day and then wash it with warm water. The whitening effect is absolutely amazing!

Reason 2: urban pressure

In today’s urban life, it is common to stay up late and work overtime to cause insufficient sleep, and sometimes we have to entertain customers to sing karaoke and drink alcohol, which will lead to dark yellow skin. And long-term computer work can easily make my skin yellow and gaunt.

Solution: improve bad living habits

Eat well, drink well and sleep well. This kind of regular life is the truth. If you can stick to the rule of going to bed early, getting up early and sleeping regularly for a week, you will find that your skin will obviously become whiter and ruddy than before. Therefore, don’t miss the good opportunity of beauty sleep, and you can usually apply more facial mask to supplement skin moisture.

Reason 3: Housewife type

As a full-time wife at home, you have to make arrangements for three meals a day. Of course, you will deal with lampblack. The accumulation day after day will turn you into a yellow faced woman who is waxy yellow and greasy, and invisibly make you look a lot older.

Solution: apply insulating cream

Apply isolation products on your face before cooking to avoid contact between your skin and lampblack, so as to improve your dark yellow complexion. But remember, you must clean your face carefully every day to prevent pore clogging.

Reason 4: exposure to sunlight

Many people have been tanned because they have not realized the harm of ultraviolet rays to human skin. In fact, ultraviolet rays will promote melanin and yellow pigment, and over time, skin will cause spots after calmness.

Solution: take sunscreen measures

Half an hour before you go out, whether you are outdoors or indoors after you go out, you can choose sunscreen products with different values according to the intensity of the sun. If you persist, the effect will be very obvious.

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