Five bad habits that increase physical burden

Are some parts of your body distorted? In fact, this is because there are hidden dangers of distorting your body in your daily life.

Distortion of body parts will have a great impact on beauty and health. Stiffness, headache, acne, severe physical pain, O-leg, x-leg, edema, etc. In order to avoid these troubles, we need to pay attention to them from our daily life. The five living habits are easy to increase the burden on the body. We should pay attention to them.

1. The keyboard is too far away from the human body when typing.

In general, how far is the keyboard from your body when you use a computer. If the distance is more than 30cm, you should pay attention to it. Because people always tend to have a cat’s waist, it will increase the burden on the shoulders, arms and waist.

Therefore, when operating the computer, it is best to place the computer keyboard 15cm away from your abdomen. It would be better if we could pay a little attention to the working environment.

2. Use a notebook computer

Considering the physical factors, it is better to use a desktop computer. The reason is the location of the line of sight. When using a notebook computer, we often see the screen on the monitor from above. This will also increase the burden on our eyes and shoulders.

When using a notebook computer, you can pad a pile of paper or books under the notebook to make the screen on the monitor parallel to the line of sight.

3. Wear high heels

Although high-heeled shoes are indispensable for women to dress up, they are also an important reason for inducing body tilting. In particular, high heels above 5cm will bring a greater burden to the legs and pelvis.

It’s better to replace high heels with slightly lower ones, and don’t wear high heels more than 5cm more than three times a week.

4. Sit on the sofa

It’s not that it’s bad to sit on the sofa, but it’s easy to curl up when you sit on the sofa unconsciously.

People who have sofas in the living room should try to straighten their backs when sitting on sofas.

5. Read on your stomach

Many people have the habit of reading after going to bed and before going to bed. This is the posture that needs to be noticed. It’s easy to bend your body when turning your back. The posture of sleeping on one’s side is not very good.

If you want to read in the quilt, it is better to lie on your back and make the book perpendicular to your line of sight.

How about that? Do you have these bad habits that can easily distort your body.

Living in modern society, if you don’t pay attention to it, your body will be distorted. Take a good look at your daily life and correct those bad habits in time.

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