Why are women more likely to get sick than men?

Why do women pay so much attention to health, often exercise and eat light, but in the end they are still more likely to get sick than men?

1. Early prevention of gynecological cancer

The development of medical testing and hormone replacement therapy in the past 50 years has greatly reduced the probability of women suffering from uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. The widespread use of contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy has also greatly reduced the incidence of ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. Recent studies have shown that a low-fat diet can more effectively prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer.

2. Half of people may get breast cancer

Nowadays, the research on breast cancer mainly focuses on how to prevent early. Research shows that if a woman lives to the age of 70, her probability of breast cancer is as high as 56%. With the deepening and optimization of surgical treatment, drug treatment, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, the methods to overcome breast cancer are also changing with each passing day and increasing.

3. Heart disease is more fatal

Generally speaking, heart diseases such as angina pectoris are mainly diseases that men are prone to. But once a woman has a heart disease, it is more serious and even fatal. Once the heart is uncomfortable, it often has shortness of breath, fatigue and jaw pain, and these symptoms must last for several hours, not a few minutes. This is a common phenomenon in menopause. Because the female hormone in a woman’s body is reduced at this time, its protective function is also relatively weakened.

4. Beware of ligament injury

In modern society, more and more women participate in various sports. The orthopedic surgeon reminded the woman to be careful not to get hurt. Compared with men, women are more likely to pull the ligament of the knee joint in sports, and once the ligament is pulled, it will take several months to heal. Doctors believe that this may be related to the broad hips of women, which makes the knee ligament bear more force than men, or it may be that women’s ligaments are naturally much weaker than men’s.

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