Four tips for getting acne marks in winter? 4 ways to remove acne marks in winter

With the arrival of winter, although many blains have disappeared, blain marks remain on the face unconsciously, which is really overwhelming. How to remove blain marks in the end? Here are four most effective ways to remove acne marks to help you easily build traceless baby muscle. Come and have a look.

6 tips to remove acne marks in winter

Red wine acne removing method:

Take an appropriate amount of red wine and put it into the facial mask bowl, add some honey, stir it together, blend it into a sticky shape, then smear it on the acne mark, and clean it in about 20 minutes. Red wine has antioxidant, whitening and moisturizing effects, and can accelerate skin metabolism and dilute precipitated pigments.

Aloe + pearl powder acne removing method:

Wash and peel the fresh aloe vera, take out the pulp, press it into juice, add an appropriate amount of flour and a little pearl powder, stir it together into a paste, then smear it on the face, and clean it with water in about 20 minutes. 2-3 times a week, consistent use can not only reduce acne marks, but also prevent skin relaxation and anti-aging.

Pearl powder + egg white acne removing method:

Remove an appropriate amount of pearl powder and put it into the facial mask bowl, then add some egg white to blend, stir together to form a paste, smear it on your face after cleaning, and wash it for 15 minutes. Once or twice a week, the acne marks will gradually disappear. Because pearl powder has strong repair ability, it can whiten skin while removing acne marks.

Tomato + honey acne removing method:

Wash and peel the fresh tomatoes, and then put them into a juicer to squeeze juice. Add an appropriate amount of honey to the tomato juice to blend. After cleansing, smear it on the face and wash it in about 20 minutes. 2-3 times a week. Tomatoes have the effect of removing spots and treating acne. Together with honey, they can nourish the skin and are very suitable for use in autumn and winter.

Fruit acid acne removing method:

Replace the skin care products usually used with those containing fruit acid, which can dilute the acne marks on the face, because fruit acid has the effect of lightening color spots and whitening, and professional fruit acid can also be used for skin care to stimulate the growth of skin cells and dilute the acne marks.

Massage to remove acne marks:

Use appropriate skin care products with repair function to smear on the places with acne marks, and then gently massage the acne marks with the root of the palm for about ten minutes, three times a day, and the acne marks will disappear soon. The principle of this is to promote the blood circulation and metabolism of the skin and accelerate the self-healing function of the skin through massage.

Home made Aloe Facial Mask for acne removal in winter

No.1 aloe honey egg white facial mask

Materials: Aloe Vera, appropriate amount of honey, egg white

How to do it: wash and peel the aloe vera, cut out the pulp in the middle, mash it, mix it with egg white and honey, put it into a juicer, and then use a filter to remove the residue. After cleansing, evenly apply it on the face, apply more on the places with acne, and wash it after 15 minutes, which is very helpful for the treatment of acne.

No.2 aloe balsam pear acne removing facial mask

Materials: Aloe Vera, half root of balsam pear, tofu, honey

Method: wash aloe vera and balsam pear, then peel and cut them into small pieces, put them into a juicer for juicing, and take the juice. Then mix the pressed juice with tofu honey, mash it into a sticky paste, apply it evenly on your face, and wash it with water 20 minutes later. It is very helpful to treat acne.

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