Research shows that paper towels are the most hygienic for hands

It is reported that it is worrisome that the bacteria ejected from the dryer can be as high as 0.9 meters above the ground, and its height is just the same as that of a child standing next to the dryer. It is reported that the most modern and powerful jet dryer can radiate the liquid and bacteria as far as 1.5 meters. If people use the dryer without proper cleaning, their hands will be infected with microorganisms such as E. coli and Salmonella. Previous studies have also pointed out that after people go to the toilet, on average, every square foot (about 0.093 square meters) of each hand carries 200 million bacteria. The hands with bacteria can infect the surface of at least five objects or 14 other objects.

British researchers are trying to study the harm of bacteria ejected when drying hands with a dryer. They tested paper towels, textile towel rollers, warm air dryers and air jet dryers, and used three methods to test the acidity index of lemon juice, yeast test and how many bacteria there were. Researchers found that compared with other hand drying methods, the jet dryer is the easiest to eject the liquid on the hand, and the radiation range can be as far as 1.5 meters. Compared with the 59.5 colony degree nearest to the jet dryer, the paper towel has only 2.2 colonies on average; While at a distance of 1.5 meters from the jet dryer, researchers found 11.5 colonies, while at this distance, no colonies were found when wiping hands with paper towels.

This study was commissioned by the seminar organized by Europe, and also investigated the height of bacterial dispersion when using the dryer. The researchers found that the highest range of bacterial dispersion was 0.6 meters to 0.9 meters from the ground, which was consistent with the height of children’s faces near the dryer. Therefore, the researchers pointed out that in order to prevent children from being infected, parents should keep their children away from the airflow from the dryer. Dr Keith Redway, the research leader at the University of Westminster, “These studies clearly show that the use of paper towels is the most hygienic of all hand drying methods. Cross infection in public bathrooms is a hidden danger to public health. The extent to which the jet dryer spreads bacteria to the surrounding environment can provide certain policy guidance to the person in charge of the equipment, so that they can reasonably configure jet dryers in sports fields, airports, even schools and hospitals.”

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