Cannot sleep! Drive away sleep killers

It’s late at night, and some people have already fallen asleep, while others are tossing and turning. With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of work pressure, more and more people begin to have sleep problems. In fact, to get high-quality sleep, you need to vary from person to person. In this issue, we specially invite experts to explain how to stay away from sleep disorders and sleep until dawn.

One third of a person’s life is spent in sleep. Sleep is an important link for the body to recover, integrate and consolidate memory, and an indispensable part of health. According to the survey, 36.2% of Chinese people fail in sleep quality, and the number of people suffering from sleep disorders is 20% higher than the world average. As an extremely important physiological function to maintain life, sleep is essential to the human body. Long term insomnia will lead to brain dysfunction, physical and mental fatigue, and aggravate existing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Chinese medicine has paid attention to sleep disorders earlier, and the treatment of insomnia is mentioned in many places in the internal classic. TCM has a very detailed classification of Insomnia Based on syndrome differentiation, and the treatment of insomnia varies from person to person.

what is sleep disorder?

The concept of sleep disorder is relatively broad, including excessive sleep and lethargy. In a general sense, we mean insomnia symptoms. It mainly includes three types:

It is difficult to fall asleep. Chinese medicine believes that Yang does not enter Yin is the most basic cause of difficulty in falling asleep. When it is difficult to fall asleep, there are more cases of heart and liver fire.

2. Fragmented sleep. It is mainly caused by insufficient heart blood and liver blood, and it can’t nurture the mind.

I woke up early. The main reason is that the kidney essence is insufficient and can’t maintain enough sleep.

three major clinical symptoms

1. Excessive liver fire. Most of them are young people. Because of the heavy work pressure, there is no suitable way to vent their emotions. If they are overstocked for a long time, they will become stagnant in liver qi, and they will get angry after being depressed for a long time. After getting angry, people are easy to be upset, with symptoms such as emotional irritability, bitter mouth, dizziness, eye distension and constipation. In addition, excessive heart fire can also lead to excessive liver fire and difficulty in sleeping.

2. Yin deficiency leads to excessive fire. In the past, people’s way of life was the same as that of nature, that is, they worked at sunrise and rested at sunset. Nowadays, many people socialize at night, often stay up late and work overtime, and many women will have problems such as yellow complexion and poor spirit. Under normal circumstances, the human body should be in the balance of yin and Yang. In the daytime, the sun supplements Yang Qi, and in the evening, the energy brought by the moon supplements Yin Qi. Often staying up late will lead to Yin blood deficiency. Moreover, the liver and kidney are closely related, and the essence and Qi are poor, which is prone to yin deficiency and fire excess.

3. Deficiency of heart and spleen. People who are engaged in writing, teaching and other professions will have problems such as deficiency of both the heart and spleen, and failure of evil to nourish the spirit over a long period of time. Insomnia in traditional Chinese medicine is a kind of obsession. God is the master of the mind, and the mind is restless and peaceful; The liver controls the soul, and the lung controls the soul. Only when the soul and the spirit are united can we fall asleep. If you don’t get back to your “home”, you won’t sleep well. In addition, liver and blood deficiency can also affect sleep quality.

a healthy lifestyle drives away the “sleep killer”

People who are angry tend to do things in a hurry, have a fast pace of life, and pursue perfection. In daily life, we should be calm and tolerant. In terms of diet, people with a strong heart and liver are advised to eat less spicy and fried food, and drink some cool tea drinks such as chrysanthemum and mint, which have a fair taste.

Those with deficiency of both the heart and spleen (mostly the elderly) should adjust their work and rest properly, not stay up late and combine work with rest. Those with deficiency of both the heart and spleen have weak spleen and stomach functions. Try not to eat foods that are too cold and difficult to digest. At ordinary times, you can make some Chinese wolfberry and longan tea, and you can also add some roses, which can beautify your face, strengthen your spleen and calm your nerves.

Those with Yin deficiency and excessive fire have symptoms such as red face, red eyes, dry throat, sore throat, bleeding, upset, less moss, red and thin tongue, and thin pulse. It is recommended that such people do not stay up late, especially from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. to ensure adequate sleep. This period of time is called the noon nap. It is the time when Yin and Yang alternate in the human body. If you don’t get enough sleep during this period, you will have problems such as lack of energy, dizziness, fatigue and inattention the next day. In daily life, we should form a good habit of not reading tablets, mobile phones and newspapers before going to bed. Before going to bed, you can play some soothing music and drink some warm milk properly, which will help you sleep. Do not take coffee, tea and other drinks. Those with Yin deficiency and high fire should also eat less fried food and take part in physical labor and sports appropriately, which is conducive to the recovery of sleep disorders.

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