Ten things that traditional Chinese medicine can’t do in a lifetime

1. Avoid getting up early. “Ketou” means no hat. The morning is the time when Yang Qi is born. At this time, Yang Qi is like a sapling. Although it grows vigorously, it is very weak and vulnerable to cold evil. The characteristic of Yang Qi is upward, so from the perspective of human body, the head is the place where Yang Qi converges. If you don’t pay attention to keeping your head warm when you go out in the morning, it is easy to let cold evil enter the brain and cause disease.

2. Avoid the shade. In order to keep healthy, one must be vigorous in Yang Qi, and Yang Qi is afraid of being invaded by Yin and evil. If a room can’t be exposed to sunlight, it will have a heavier Yin and lower temperature. Cold evil is easy to attack the body surface, and even cause a series of diseases from the surface to the inside. Of course, modern people live in buildings, and it is difficult to ensure that every house has sunshine. At this time, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the room with the help of heating or air conditioning.

3. Avoid sitting in the wetland for a long time. Some people don’t understand the pathogenesis of dampness very well. They think that the body has skin protection and the skin is impermeable. How can external moisture affect the body and cause disease? Of course, real moisture can’t directly enter the body, but the Qi of the body and the Qi of the outside world are mutually inductive. The humidity of the outside world is a kind of stagnant gas. When it is sensed in the body, the Qi machine of the body also runs slowly, thus generating dampness evil in the body. Therefore, avoid staying in a humid environment for too long.

4. Don’t wear cold sweat clothes. When the temperature is low, the clothes will become wet and cold as soon as you sweat. At this time, the pores of the skin are open, and the resistance to external evil decreases. Cold and humidity are likely to enter. Therefore, after sweating, dry the sweat in time and change dry clothes.

5. Avoid drying clothes in hot weather. Xu Wenbi believes that clothes that have been dried for a long time are toxic and should not be worn immediately. This may be exaggerated. Even if the clothes are dry and dry, they will not cause any harm to your health. Of course, if you are a person who has a fever but has not recovered, you may need to pay attention to it properly and do not wear clothes that have just been dried or baked.

6. Don’t sweat and fan. This should also be treated flexibly. If it’s dog days and the body is always sweaty, it’s normal to take a fan to cool it. The “no sweat and no fan” here means that when the temperature is not too high and you sweat because of exercise, don’t fan out or drink cold drinks immediately. Although the fan wind is very pleasant, the wind is the first of all evils, and the cold evil or wet evil unknowingly attacks the body.

7. Don’t sleep with candle light. Some people like to sleep with the light on, which is not good. Because the nature of light is Yang, people’s sleep needs Yang Qi to enter the Yin. With light irradiation, it is difficult for Yang Qi to sneak into the Yin, which is easy to cause uneasiness of spirits and affect the quality of sleep.

8. Avoid sexual intercourse at midnight. In a day, the most vigorous time of Yang Qi is in the daytime, but the beginning of Yang Qi is at midnight (23:00 ~ 1:00). At this time, Yang Qi has just sprouted and is very delicate. If you don’t take care of it and have sex, this young Yang will be extinguished. The next day’s Yang Qi will not be sufficient and fatigue will easily occur.

9. Avoid wiping the mat with cold water in summer and drying the clothes with hot fire in winter. These two habits may not be so harmful, and few people bake clothes now, but this article still has practical significance, that is, it is not allowed to violate the laws of the season for the sake of temporary happiness. Don’t be greedy for cool in summer. Adjust the temperature of the air conditioner too low, which will easily lead to insufficient perspiration and insufficient opening of the air conditioner; In winter, you can’t be greedy for heat. If you turn on the heating too much, you will easily sweat too much and leak your essence.

10. Avoid watching the play for a long time. This one is to advise us to pay attention to spiritual cultivation. There are a lot of TV network entertainment programs now, and we can’t indulge in them too much, because when we watch the programs, our spirit will unconsciously move with it, and we will no longer pay attention to the feelings in our bodies. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart is the “official of the monarch”. If the monarch pursues all day long, he can’t understand the people’s feelings well, and he can’t feel the imbalance of his body at any time. Therefore, the entertainment should be moderate, so as to avoid being distracted by watching and listening for a long time.

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