Staring at the screen for a long time can easily lead to eye fat

“Doctor, can I be blind?” Ms. pan, 45, looked worried. About ten years ago, her eyes grew a lot of blood for no reason, and she looked foggy. She felt that it was caused by being too tired at work at ordinary times. She would get better after a rest. But unexpectedly, the blood in my eyes could not fade. I saw things from time to time. Even now, I can hardly see anything.

The examination found that Ms. Pan had “pterygium” on her eyes. Due to the long time and heavy degree of the lesion, the proliferative excrescence is growing like a creeper, which has invaded the transparent cornea and blocked the pupil area, so the line of sight is becoming increasingly blurred. Pterygium sounds strange, but it is not uncommon in ophthalmology. In the early stage of this disease, it is not painful or itchy. Many people just have red blood in their eyes. Occasionally, they get dizzy when they look at things. It is easy to be misunderstood as eye fatigue and lack of rest. When vision is blurred or even blind, people often regret and lose the best treatment effect.

It should be noted that in the past, the incidence rate of this disease was high mainly in outdoor workers, people who lived in areas with strong sunshine for a long time, and long-term farmers. However, with the increase of environmental pollution, excessive eye use and other factors, the age of onset is gradually younger. Especially with the prevalence of various electronic products, people spend a lot of time staring at mobile phones, computers and other screens, and their eyes are also overwhelmed. Therefore, in ordinary life, we must pay attention to protecting our eyesight, blink more when looking at the screen, and do eye massage to alleviate eye fatigue in time. In case of any of the above suspicious symptoms, use lubricating eye drops to improve the symptoms, and go to the hospital in time.

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