Develop eight habits to make you live longer

Many animals in nature also follow the same law – the queen bee lives in the honeycomb, is extremely lazy, and can live for five years or more; Worker bees toil all day long and fly nonstop, but they die after 3-6 months; Tortoises are slow-moving and difficult to move when struck by thunder, but their lifespan is as long as 150 years.

We might as well be lazy once in a while, push off boring meals, and leave the housework we don’t want to do until tomorrow, which will save our energy and enable us to live longer.

the “crude tea” is rich in tea polyphenols and tannins

“Coarse tea” refers to the coarser old tea, while the expensive new tea is not as good as the relatively cheap “coarse tea”.

Although “crude tea” is bitter and astringent, it is rich in tea polyphenols and tannins, which not only has anti-aging effects, but also can reduce blood lipids, prevent vascular sclerosis, and maintain the normal function of the heart and brain blood vessels.

avoid traffic “devil’s time”

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, 1.2 million people in the world die from traffic accidents every year, and on average, one person dies from traffic accidents every 25 seconds; In China, on average, nearly 300 people are buried under cars every day.

Fan Li, a well-known expert in motor vehicle driver training and safe driving behavior research in China, said that the accident rate of novices is not high. The real “road killer” is people who have been driving for 1-2 years, and it is easy to relax at this time.

Wearing sandals or high heels while driving, answering the phone while driving, and smoking while driving are all high-risk factors for car accidents. He reminded that 11:00-13:00 and 17:00-21:00 are “devil’s time”, so you should be extra alert when driving.

When pedestrians cross the road, they should learn to look at the vehicle from the left, then to the right, and finally to the left. They can only cross the road in a straight line after confirming safety. Pay more attention at dusk, because it is the most dangerous period for drivers to find you.

put down your chopsticks and eat slowly.

“Want to live a long life? Then eat slowly.” In the Mediterranean region, which is famous for its longevity, people can eat three or four hours of dinner.

Generally speaking, each mouthful of food should be chewed 15-20 times, with a meal of no less than 20 minutes, which is helpful to digestion, avoid obesity, and relieve tension and anxiety.

Dr. Huang Youpeng, director of the Beijing Institute of anti aging life sciences and who has studied anti-aging issues in Europe for many years, said that when the number or frequency of chewing food increases, the blood flow of the brain will also increase significantly, activating the cerebral cortex, thereby delaying aging.

So, you might as well try to use chopsticks to pick up vegetables when eating, then put down your chopsticks and eat rice with a spoon. Take turns using spoons and chopsticks to eat. Even if you want to eat quickly, you can’t get up quickly. Ensure that every mouthful of food can be chewed fully.

eat candy appropriately

A survey of 7841 male graduates from Harvard University shows that people who eat chocolate and sweets, no matter how much they like them, live one year longer than those who don’t.

Dark chocolate (containing more than 70% cocoa) is a compound food, which contains a variety of antioxidants, which can be beneficial to the heart, stabilize blood sugar and relieve pressure. The best effect is to control the daily consumption of 10-20g.

The survey also shows that those who eat candy “in moderation”, that is, 1-3 bars of candy a month, have the best effect, and the risk of death is 36% lower than those who do not eat candy.

The old people in Japan’s famous longevity Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture, the origin of brown sugar, have the habit of drinking a cup of brown sugar water every day. Therefore, when the elderly eat sugar, they may as well choose brown sugar in an appropriate amount. However, indigestion and diabetes patients should eat with caution.

after middle age, increase fish and reduce meat

Professor takajubaihezi, a Japanese longevity expert, pointed out that the amount of fish eaten by people in middle age should be twice that of meat, that is, if the amount of meat is 30-50g, the amount of fish should be 60-100g, which is an important magic weapon for longevity.

Fish is one of the most easily digested and absorbed animal meat. For example, beef takes 5 hours to digest in the stomach, while fish takes only 2-3 hours.

Marine fish contain a variety of unsaturated fatty acids required by the human body, of which EPA can prevent stroke and myocardial infarction, and DHA can prevent brain aging.

know the family history

To predict your future health, the first step is to start with your family and understand your family history.

You may as well build a family “health file” to list all your immediate family members – grandparents, grandparents, grandparents, parents, brothers and sisters, and record their past medical history, diagnosis and treatment, allergic reaction records, and previous physical examination results. Go to see a doctor again, and the doctor will see it at a glance when he turns to the file.

In the archives, you should also keep your complete medical records, X-ray films or reports, electrocardiogram, laboratory tests, physical examination forms and other original documents.

take a hot spring

Research shows that in the past 20 years, the incidence rate of heart disease of Icelandic residents, who live a long life, has decreased by 50%, which is related to their enthusiasm for open-air hot springs. Soaking in hot springs often can cure chronic diseases such as arthritis and asthma, and also has significant effects on various skin diseases, as well as relieving the mental pressure of modern people.

Soak in the hot spring from the pool water with mild water temperature. Soak in the hot pool water for no more than 10 minutes each time, so as to expose the body to the water or take a rest from the water in time; Don’t take a dip when you are not sleeping enough or tired. If you suddenly immerse yourself in a hot spring with high temperature, you may faint; When taking a dip in the hot spring, you should close your eyes as much as possible, take a few deep breaths slowly with a meditative mood, so as to truly release your physical and mental pressure.

quit a bad habit

American writer Mark Twain once said: “habit is habit. No one can throw it out of the window, but you can trick it down the stairs one step at a time.” Starting from today, no matter whether you smoke, don’t exercise, or eat too many snacks, you can only quit one bad habit at a time, and pay attention to the following points: start small. If you want to form the habit of getting up early, try to get up 10 minutes early every day instead of 1 hour.

Find “alternative habits” for your bad habits. When you are under great pressure, what can you do except smoke? You can choose exercise, meditation, deep breathing, cleaning the room, etc. It is also a good way to ask your family, friends and colleagues to help you, or to find a “one gang one” group for yourself.

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