Bad habits that help you live longer

“Bad habits” are often avoided by people; But who says “bad habits” will definitely hurt your body? The following seven “bad habits”, such as anger, swearing, playing video games and laziness, will not hurt your body, but will make you live longer!

When it comes to longevity, we all think of good habits of life, but nobody thought that some bad habits in life can also make us live longer. If you don’t believe it, please read on!

1. Reasonable anger is beneficial to blood pressure Yes, anger can raise blood pressure. However, a study by Carnegie Mellon University in the United States found that if you respond appropriately with anger in a depressed situation, your blood pressure will not only maintain a normal level, but also the secretion of cortisol, the hormone that creates a sense of stress, will decrease accordingly. Psychological research shows that anger gives people a positive attitude and sense of control; When it’s time to take a shot, if you don’t take a shot, you’ll cringe and try your best to control your inner emotions. On the contrary, your stress hormones will suddenly rise. In the long run, heart disease will “target you”.

2. Video games can also help you exercise scientists from the University of Miami in the United States have found that when people play video games, their heart rate increases and their breath shortens, which causes their bodies to consume more energy. Dr. alaette Perry believes that if you can’t participate in real physical exercise, playing games can also help you lose weight, at least better than sitting on the sofa, eating french fries and watching TV, but the premise is that you can’t play for too long.

3. Say rude words to ease pain swearing is a bad habit despised by people, but it has the benefit of relieving pain. Psychologist Dr. Richard Stephen believes that swearing is related to the regulatory effect of adrenaline, which aggravates people’s aggressive tendency. Research shows that the more a person wants to invade others, the less sensitive he is to pain.

4. Stealing some laziness will help you live longer public health expert Peter yakost said that people who get up early and get busy every day may “go to the grave” too early. Stealing a little lazy from time to time can not only reduce the pressure of work, but also is the key to longevity. Research shows that taking a nap at noon is more conducive to longevity than playing tennis. The old people always run and exercise will consume the energy originally used for cell regeneration or disease resistance. Psychological experts say that even if you lie at home and daydream, your brain is processing important information, and your mind is more active.

5. Stress helps improve memory long term life stress, such as divorce, can destroy people’s immune system and make people vulnerable to diseases. But a study by the University of buffalo found that short-term urgent events can improve the brain’s learning ability and memory. This is because stress hormones affect part of the brain that is in charge of emotion and learning ability. A sharp increase in pressure will accelerate the transmission of glutamate, a substance that transmits information, thus improving memory.

6. Avoiding housework can prevent allergies some studies believe that the outbreak of allergic diseases and autoimmune diseases is because modern society is too clean. But dust is not the only culprit. Surveys by Bristol and Brunel universities show that if women often use cleaning equipment during pregnancy or after childbirth, their children’s chances of developing asthma before the age of 7 will increase by 41%. Because some indoor cleaners release chemicals that can seriously damage children’s respiratory tract.

7. Loud music stimulates the brain attending a rock party and turning up the volume of music can help stimulate the vitality of the brain. A study by the University of Manchester in the UK found that the balloon in the inner ear is only sensitive to the volume of more than 90 dB. The balloon is connected to the brain’s regions dealing with sex, happiness and hunger. If these desires are satisfied through the stimulation of high decibel music, our hearts will be very calm and happy. When you are unhappy, you can use high decibel music to stimulate your “happiness hormone”.

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