Can the net pass whitening toothpaste remove acne and spots?

toothpaste acne removal not “reliable”

Reporter: Recently, a method of removing acne and spots with toothpaste has been circulated on Weibo. Can toothpaste really be used to remove acne and spots?

Luan Qi, M.D., director of the laser beauty center of the dermatology department of Xijing Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University: from the medical professional point of view, we can’t abuse toothpaste for various skin problems such as spots and blains.

Toothpaste contains relevant ingredients that can produce “hydrogen peroxide”, which can remove anaerobic bacteria in the mouth. Therefore, some netizens use toothpaste to treat acne skin and pigmented skin, which is unscientific. The “hydrogen peroxide” produced by toothpaste can burn and stimulate the skin to a certain extent, and its degree cannot be controlled artificially. Excessive use will lead to the destruction of the cuticle of the skin, that is, the destruction of the skin barrier function, which makes the skin sensitive and has a poor ability to resist external stimuli.

It is suggested that netizens who want to treat skin problems such as freckles and blains should go to professional medical institutions and do not believe in the so-called “folk prescription”.

How can toothpaste be used healthily

Reporter: there are many brands of toothpaste on the market. How can consumers choose and use toothpaste to be healthy?

Jing Quan, chief physician of the painless dental treatment center of the International Medical Department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital: most toothpastes contain the following ingredients: friction agents, wetting agents, excipients, surfactants, fragrances, pigments, buffers, etc.

The fluoride in the common fluoride toothpaste on the market can prevent the corrosive effect of bacterial acid production on the hard tissues of teeth, and can remineralize the corroded teeth. The use of fluoride toothpaste can reduce the incidence of dental caries, but this preventive effect is not equal to medical prevention. It is necessary to go to the hospital regularly to check the teeth;

The whitening toothpaste mainly relies on the added friction particles to exert the mechanical friction effect and remove the extrinsic coloring on the tooth surface. However, the whitening toothpaste is not easy to clean the adjacent parts of the teeth, the parts near the gums, and the uneven or crowded areas.

Another common toothpaste is desensitization toothpaste. Tooth hypersensitivity is caused by the retention of dentin tubules due to the influence of biological, physical and chemical factors, whether congenital or acquired. The desensitization toothpaste contains calcium and phosphate components. Under the action of fluoride, it can form substances close to the components of the teeth itself, close the exposed dentine tubules, and play a certain “repair” role.

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