Healthy selection and wearing boots in winter

1. Choose a regular brand

When buying boots, you must choose a regular brand. Nowadays, there are many boots without a brand or fake brand boots in the market, especially online shopping. In order to save costs, these manufacturers often cut corners in the design of shoes and the use of materials, which will seriously affect the invisible health of long-term wear.

2. Buy suitable boots

When buying boots, in addition to paying attention to whether the style is fashionable, you must also try them on, walk for 10-15 minutes, and choose a pair of boots that fit your feet. The boot barrel should fit into a finger, and the texture should be soft and breathable full leather fabric.

3. The waist of boots should not be too tight

When wearing high leather boots, the waist should not be tied too tightly, and sufficient space should be provided for the feet, ankles and calves to prevent blood circulation from being blocked and causing various diseases.

4. The heel should not be too high

When choosing boots, the heel should not be too high. Generally, it is best to choose about 3cm. We all know that wearing high heels for a long time, especially “hentiangao”, will cause various diseases such as thumbs eversion and arthritis. The same is true when choosing boots. A pair of boots with suitable heels will not only be beautiful but also affect health.

The heel should not be too small or too thin, so as to stably support your weight. The toe should be slightly loose to give more space for the toes and soles.

Don’t wear boots for a long time

If you have to choose high heels, you should avoid wearing them for a long time. When you go indoors, you can change into warm and light casual shoes.

6. Keep the inside of boots dry

For those who sweat a lot, they should pay more attention to drying and ventilation when wearing long boots than other types of shoes. Long boots should not be worn for a long time. They should not be worn continuously for 2-3 days at most. They should be worn with other shoes to keep the inside of shoes dry. Socks and insoles should also be replaced in time.

7. Soak feet in hot water and massage properly

Before going to bed at night, wash your feet with hot water, with proper massage, which can also help eliminate foot fatigue, promote blood circulation and prevent “boot disease”.

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