The best way to make tea is to use a glass instead of a thermos

can’t you make tea in a thermos cup

Mr. Zhou, a white-collar worker who works in Xinjiekou, usually likes to drink tea to refresh himself. Because he is afraid of the cold, he recently bought a thermos cup online. After making tea, the tea can be kept warm. Yesterday, my colleague specially forwarded a news to him on Weibo: tea is made in a thermos cup. If tea is soaked in high-temperature water for a long time, it will destroy vitamins and increase carcinogens. Mr. Zhou was very frightened: he drank tea made in a thermos cup for half a month. Isn’t he a high-risk group?

Mr. Zhou had the same experience as his colleague Mr. Wang. “Every winter, I make tea with a thermos cup. Have I been using it the wrong way?” Moreover, Mr. Wang still has a question: how can we keep the water warm when we make tea in other containers without using a thermos cup?

experts: making tea in a thermos cup causes cancer none conclusion

Mo Baoqing, associate professor of nutrition and food hygiene at Nanjing Medical University, analyzed that brewing tea with boiling water may destroy the vitamins in tea, cause a large amount of tannic acid and theophylline to exude, and make the taste bitter and astringent. However, there is no conclusion that carcinogens will be produced. In many office water dispensers, the hot water temperature is only set at about 90 ℃. It’s not too big a problem to make tea with a thermos cup.

In fact, compared with making tea with a thermos cup, white-collar workers should be more wary of disposable paper cups. Making tea with this paper cup is very harmful to health. In addition, plastic cups, bowls, barrels and other plastic products have been widely used in life, but they are also relatively unsafe. “Most plastic products have a triangle with an arrow at the bottom. There are numbers in the triangle, and each number represents a different material. For example, the number in the triangle is a plastic product of ‘5’, which represents polypropylene (PP), which is used to make microwave lunch boxes and can be heated in the microwave oven.”

then, what kind of glass should we use in our daily life

“Among the cups of various materials, the glass is relatively safer.” Mo Baoqing said that since the glass does not contain organic chemicals during the firing process, there is no need to worry about chemicals being drunk into the stomach when drinking water with the glass. When choosing tableware for your baby, it is best not to use plastic products. Glass milk bottles, porcelain bowls, stainless steel bowls and so on are better choices.

manufacturer: the tea brewing time of the thermos cup cannot be too long

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted a manufacturer of thermos cups in Wuhan. A staff member surnamed Wu said that most of today’s thermos cups are sealed for insulation. No matter what brand of thermos cups are, they should not be used to brew tea for a long time. “The structure of tea itself is very special. Once it is sealed, it is easy to ferment. After fermentation, the tea leaves will produce substances harmful to human bodies.”

Mr. Wu introduced that there are some more advanced customized thermos cups in the thermos cups, which have certain health care functions. For this kind of thermos cup, it is better to drink water directly, and try not to use it for tea or hot drinks.

In addition, if you use a thermos cup to make tea, as long as it is not soaked for a long time, it is still beneficial compared with other cups. Because tea is rich in protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, it is a natural health drink for most people. As long as you don’t soak it in a thermos cup for a long time, you can drink it healthily.

If it is soaked for a long time, the nutrients such as vitamin C in tea will be completely destroyed, and the health care function of tea will be reduced because it is soaked in high temperature for a long time. Not only can tea be soaked in a thermos cup for a long time, but soup, milk or Chinese medicine can’t stay in a thermos cup for too long. If you really want to drink tea in a thermos cup, brew it in a teapot, wait until the tea is warm, and then pour it into the thermos cup to keep warm.

Mr. Wu told the reporter that a high-quality thermos cup has a good insulation effect, and the things put in it will deteriorate due to the continuous high temperature, and even produce substances harmful to the body. Therefore, don’t put anything else in the thermos cup for too long except water. At the same time, because of the good thermal insulation effect of the thermos cup, the fragrance in the tea will quickly volatilize after being soaked in a very high water temperature, which not only reduces the nutritional value of the tea itself, but also reduces the fragrance of the tea and increases harmful substances. “There are still certain ways to use the thermos cup, and we should pay attention to its use.”

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