Does the general mobilization of self-made freckle removing facial mask let you remove freckles earlier? Make your own general mobilization of freckle removing facial mask, so that you can get rid of freckles earlier

Now, not only middle-aged women, but also young mm have the trouble of color spots. Originally, there were a little more color spots on the spotless face, which has become the number one worry of most girls. I want to know how to solve it? Today, Xiaobian will tell you three tips for effectively eliminating color spots.

1、 Self made freckle removing facial mask

1. Seaweed Whitening Facial Mask

Materials: milk, seaweed particles


1. Mix a small amount of warm milk with an appropriate amount of seaweed particles. The milk does not need to be added too much at a time. If it is dry, pour it slowly, otherwise it is too thin and seaweed powder needs to be added.

2. After stirring, leave it for about 5 minutes, so that the glue juice of seaweed can be dissolved, then apply it to the cleaned face, and wash it after about 15-20 minutes.

Efficacy: milk is a pure natural nutrient pool required by human body, which can supplement nutritional protein to the skin. Seaweed is a marine plant, mainly refining its seaweed gel with the function of gel. It can increase the elasticity and tightness of skin, and this self-made freckle removing facial mask can also restore loose skin.

2. Tomato honey facial mask

Materials: a ripe red tomato, 5ml honey, and a piece of facial mask paper


1. Peel the tomato first, then mix it with honey and mash it with a tablespoon.

2. After cleaning the skin, apply it on the face, thicken the T-shaped part and massage it.

3. Finally, cover it with facial mask paper and wash it with warm water after 10 minutes. This homemade facial mask can be used every day.

Efficacy: honey has a very good whitening effect, and has a high nutritional value and beauty value. Therefore, using honey to DIY facial mask is the best choice. In addition, with the beauty effect of tomatoes, this facial mask can be great in whitening. This facial mask can moisturize, whiten and soften the skin. If used for a long time, it can also remove spots, wrinkles and acne.

3. Walnut rose stain removing facial mask

Materials: Several walnuts, flour, rose petals.


1. Grind the walnuts into powder and mix them with flour in the ratio of 2:1. Then mix them into a paste, add rose petals and stir.

2. After cooling, evenly apply it on your face with your hands or spoon and wash it after half an hour.

2、 Folk prescription for freckle removal

1. Winter melon + white vinegar


1. First squeeze the wax gourd into juice, and then mix it evenly with the same amount of white vinegar

2. Then apply it to the cleaned skin and wash it with clean water after about 10 minutes.

Note: applying it 2-3 times a day can effectively decompose melanin and make the skin ruddy and white. If you persist for half a month, you can see a good freckle removing effect.

2. Honey protein membrane


1. Take a fresh egg and a tablespoon of honey, and mix them evenly

2. Before going to bed, use a clean soft brush to brush this film on your face, during which you can massage, stimulate skin cells, and promote blood circulation.

3. After drying for a period of time, wash with water twice a week.

3. Lemon + Cucumber Juice


1. Squeeze the cucumber into juice, then drop a small amount of lemon juice, and mix the two together

2. After washing the face, apply it on the face. After about 30 minutes, wash it with water, and then do the follow-up skin care work.

Note: this small recipe for freckle removal is very effective, but it should not be used during the day to avoid damaging the skin.

3、 Chinese medicine freckle removing secret recipe

1. Motherwort facial dressing

How to do it: take an appropriate amount of motherwort, crush the juice, and apply it to the skin with long spots every morning and evening. It can effectively dilute the color spots that have been generated, reduce the damage of the sun to the skin, and apply it for about 5 minutes each time. The freckle removing effect is also very significant.

Efficacy: motherwort can regulate qi and blood, promote metabolism, and accelerate the elimination of color spots.

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