Four beauty recipes and four beauty methods

Do you think the previous whitening methods are ineffective? Are you still lamenting why you should be born so black? Don’t panic, Xiaobian has a whitening prescription here. Get it quickly.

There is a unique way to whiten: 4 beauty remedies to whiten the skin

1. Long term use of vinegar egg juice

How can women whiten? In fact, as long as you persist in using these beauty tips, it will be very simple to get fair skin. Clean the fresh eggs and put them in white vinegar. Soak them for one month. When the eggshells are completely dissolved in the vinegar, dilute them with water and stir them evenly. Take one cup every day.

Taking vinegar egg liquid for a long time can make the skin white and delicate, and eliminate the spots on the face.

2. Loofah facial mask

Wash and peel loofah, put it into the juicer, squeeze and remove the residue, add an appropriate amount of flour, mix it evenly and apply it on the face, and clean it in about 15 minutes. Loofah contains many nutrients needed by skin, which can make skin white and delicate.

Long term use can eliminate color spots and improve various skin problems.

3. Job’s tears water

Soak the barley seeds for three hours and then put them into the pot to boil. Pour the boiled water into the bowl. After cooling, add appropriate amount of honey and milk to mix well, and put them in the refrigerator for cold storage. Apply it to your face for 20 minutes every night, and your skin will appear very good. After a month, you will feel that your skin is obviously whiter and your pores have shrunk a lot.

4. Egg white facial mask

In order not to waste, we can collect a layer of egg white in the egg shell during frying, then add an appropriate amount of milk powder and honey, stir them together and form a paste. After washing our face at night, smear the prepared egg paste on our face and wash it off in about 20 minutes.

Common use of this method will make the facial skin delicate and smooth.

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