Can balm be taken orally for external use?

doctor : although it can be taken orally, it is better not to try it easily.

Although the weather is cold now, and balm is not often used, in recent days, balm has become a “red man” on Weibo. The Weibo that oral balm can cure throat pain has been wildly forwarded by netizens. Can the essence of balm be drunk? Yesterday, the reporter conducted an investigation and found that balm can indeed be taken orally, but relevant experts do not recommend taking it for a long time.

wind oil is accurate and can be taken orally.

“In addition to being able to smear, balm can also be drunk. Do you know? Some netizens introduced their experience that taking a few drops of balm orally and slowly swallowing it will have a good effect on treating sore throat.” Such a micro blog has recently been forwarded and commented by many netizens. In order to investigate this matter, the reporter bought a bottle of essential balm specially, and saw that on the outer package, there was a description of the usage and dosage: “for external use, rub it on the affected part. Take orally, 4-6 drops at a time.” Perhaps, over the years, we have been used to external use of balm, ignoring its oral use, or never thought of such use.

Originally, essential balm was mainly composed of menthol, eucalyptus oil, clove powder, camphor, essential oil, etc. the auxiliary materials were liquid paraffin, chlorophyll and essence. People in the Lingnan area have the use of taking balm to drive away the wind.

The reporter inquired on the Internet and learned that China Medical News reported that some people used balm to treat throat pain, and the effect was remarkable. Generally, throat pain can be cured by using it five times in a row, and the heavier ones can take it for several more days. Usage: take 2-3 drops of essential balm (reduced for the elderly and children) orally, swallow slowly, do not use water, 5 times a day. If the throat is red and swollen, the effect of taking anti-inflammatory drugs is better.

experts do not recommend long-term use.

Although balm can be taken orally and used to treat patients with sore throats, medical experts do not recommend long-term use. “Camphor in essential balm is toxic.” Dr. Zhou Kai, director of the Nutrition Department of Ningbo Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, told the reporter that, “It is written in the manual that it can be taken orally, which has undergone pharmacological and pathological experiments. However, there are many oral drugs used to treat sore throats and other diseases, which can completely replace balm, and doctors will not recommend patients to take balm in clinical practice. Now netizens ask such a question, and there are some spoof ingredients in it. Although it is true, we’d better not try it easily.”

The reporter also took several drops of balm orally according to the online method. The taste is bitter and astringent, very uncomfortable, and like eating mustard, it is very irritating to the mouth and nose, and tears almost come out. Although it has the effect of ventilating and refreshing the brain, it’s very bad. It’s better to go to the hospital to dispense medicine for the treatment of sore throat.

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