Can hand sanitizer really kill bacteria

can all hand sanitizers effectively kill bacteria?

The Chicago Tribune of the United States once pointed out that the alcohol content of hand sanitizer should exceed 60%, otherwise the sterilization effect is not ideal. People can’t help worrying: will washing hands with such hand sanitizer damage the skin?

Li Guangrui, director of the dermatology department of Wangjing Hospital of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, pointed out that this alcohol concentration of hand sanitizer will not harm the skin in general, but will at most irritate the skin. As long as you apply hand cream after washing your hands, you can solve this problem.

the purchase channel of hand sanitizer should be regular.

At present, hand sanitizers in China are divided into two categories, one is ordinary hand sanitizers, and the other is disinfection products. The former plays the role of cleaning and decontamination, while the latter contains antibacterial, bacteriostatic or bactericidal active ingredients. There are differences between the two types of hand sanitizers in the outer packaging. Ordinary hand sanitizers are generally “quasi brand names”, while disinfected hand sanitizers are mostly “non brand names”. Experts pointed out that as long as the disinfectant hand sanitizer of “Xiaozi” is a regular product, it has been specially tested before it goes on the market. It is not harmful to the human body, and can also play an antibacterial and bacteriostatic role. However, as the quality of hand sanitizers on the market is uneven at present, and inferior hand sanitizers will harm the skin, consumers must buy hand sanitizers in regular shopping malls to see whether the signs are complete. If there is no name or address of the manufacturer, they should buy them cautiously.

hand sanitizer is not as effective as soap

From the perspective of cleaning, the decontamination effect of hand sanitizer is not as good as that of soap. Because most hand sanitizers contain alcohol, alcohol can not effectively remove some dirt, such as dust, mud, blood stains, etc., attached to the small gaps of the skin. Therefore, once the hands are contaminated with such dirt, it is not enough to use hand sanitizers alone. You must first remove the dirt with soap.

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