Can scalding dishes and chopsticks with boiling water effectively kill bacteria?

As the saying goes, “illness comes through the mouth”. In life, many people have a habit of eating out. Before eating, they must scald the dishes and chopsticks with boiling water, thinking that this can effectively kill bacteria, so as to get psychological comfort. However, can “boiling water to scald a bowl” really kill bacteria? Let’s get to know.

is it reliable to scald a bowl with boiling water

Relevant experts pointed out that to truly achieve the effect of high-temperature disinfection, two conditions must be met at the same time: one is the temperature of action, and the other is the time of action. Generally speaking, boiling water at 100 ℃ for more than 5 minutes can kill or inactivate some bacteria and microorganisms.

In order to avoid scalding, the hot water provided by general restaurants is usually around 70-80 degrees. If the water is poured into the cold tableware, the temperature will drop even lower. In addition, when many people iron tableware, it takes a few seconds fast and more than ten seconds slow, which is far from enough in terms of action time.

Therefore, scalding a bowl with boiling water before eating can not ensure the killing of most pathogenic microorganisms due to insufficient action temperature and time. Although the washing of water can take away some bacteria, the effect is limited.

It can be seen that boiling water to scald dishes is not so reliable. If you want to clean the dishes effectively, you need to disinfect them——


Before eating, put the dishes and chopsticks into boiling water for about 2-5 minutes. However, this method is not applicable to chopsticks, which will become bent when heated and shorten their service life.


When the pot is filled with water and is about to boil, put the bowls and chopsticks on it with a bracket and sterilize them with steam.

disinfection cabinet

To buy a special disinfection cabinet, you must use an infrared disinfection cabinet, put the cleaned dishes and chopsticks in it, set the temperature at 100 ~ 120 degrees, and then disinfect for 10 ~ 20 minutes. Then let it stand for a few minutes. Don’t burn yourself. Of course, to make the dishes and chopsticks clean, disinfection is very important, and cleaning is also very important. During the cleaning process, there were 3 participants.

hot water

It is best to use hot water, especially when it comes to dishes with heavy oil stains, because hot water has strong decontamination ability and can save some water.


The best choice is a detergent with natural plant ingredients, which has less bubbles but strong cleaning ability and does not hurt hands.

dishwashing cloth

You can choose a dishwashing cloth made of pure wood fiber, which has strong water absorption and oil absorption, and is easier to wipe off the oil stain on the tableware. But it also needs to be disinfected regularly. Or replace it regularly, generally once a month.

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