Experts remind that hand sanitizer should be flushed for at least 15 seconds

In recent years, hand sanitizer has gradually replaced soap because of its convenience and hygiene. However, research shows that some hand sanitizers contain antibacterial chemicals harmful to human body, such as triclosan, which will harm human thyroid and even kill all bacteria. Over time, bacteria on the skin are “drug-resistant”. In addition, it may also contain phthalates and polyethylene glycol, which may affect reproductive health and even cause cancer. Therefore, wash your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer.

When using hand sanitizer, it is better to rub your hands for more than 30 seconds, and then rinse with running water for at least 15 seconds until your hands feel astringent. If possible, you can rinse them for 1 minute. Some hand sanitizers will feel slippery after washing, and it is difficult to judge whether they are washed clean. At this time, you can rub the palms of your hands against each other. If there is still thin white foam on your hands, it means that there is still residual hand sanitizer.

Many people are afraid that they can’t wash their hands cleanly, so they put a large amount of hand sanitizer on their hands and rub it vigorously when washing. Professor Zhang Lihua, director of the dermatology department of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, reminds that this is easy to damage the skin. Not only can it not retain water, but it will make bacteria more vulnerable to invasion. Use a small drop of hand sanitizer each time. If you can’t control it well, you can tie a few circles of rubber bands under the pressing mouth, so that you won’t press the pressing mouth to the bottom and save the amount. In addition, although many hand sanitizers contain skin care ingredients, frequent hand washing will still lead to dry hand skin, so it is best to apply moisturizing hand cream after washing hands.

It should be reminded that most hand sanitizers only rely on alcohol for sterilization, but alcohol can not effectively remove the dirt adsorbed in the small gaps of the skin, such as dust, mud, blood stains, etc., so once your hands are contaminated with such dirt, you should wash your hands with soap to decontaminate them, and then use hand sanitizer to sterilize and moisturize your skin.

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