Is freckle removing facial mask useful? Is freckle removing facial mask useful

The face is very delicate. If girls don’t pay attention to it, they will have all kinds of skin problems. The most unpleasant one should be color spots. These color spots are usually more and more, and they grow bigger and bigger. For all women who love beauty, Xiaobian has sorted out several freckle removing facial mask for you. But some people also doubt that the freckle facial mask is useful? Don’t worry, there will be a detailed explanation below!

Freckle removing facial mask is useful

This is because the freckle removing facial mask is made of various materials with effective nutrients for freckle removing into the facial mask. The facial mask, as the carrier of the nutrients for freckle removing, allows the nutrients to be absorbed by the skin, so as to achieve the effect of desalination and freckle removing. Therefore, the freckle facial mask is useful. However, due to the rampant advertising, many facial mask have been exaggerated, so the younger sisters have not selected a useful freckle removing facial mask and can not find a correct self-made method of freckle removing facial mask, so many younger sisters doubt whether the freckle removing facial mask is useful.

Practice of self-made freckle removing facial mask

Peach blossom Angelica facial mask

Materials: 250g of fresh peach blossom, 3G of Angelica dahurica, 1000ml of Baijiu and 1 compressed facial mask. Method: take fresh peach blossom and Angelica dahurica, and then put them into 1000ml Baijiu together, and seal for 30 days. After the peach blossom Angelica facial mask is soaked, take an appropriate amount of facial mask water and put it into the facial mask bowl. Put a compressed facial mask. After the facial mask is fully absorbed, apply the facial mask evenly on the face. After 15 minutes, take off the facial mask and rub the face skin with both hands until the face skin is fully absorbed.

Efficacy: according to the records in the national classic Materia Medica, “pick fresh peach blossoms, soak them in wine, and drink some every day to make your face ruddy and beautiful as peach blossoms”. Peach blossom contains kaempferol, incense, soybean essence, trifolin, vitamins A, B, C and other nutrients. These substances can dilate blood vessels, dredge veins, moisturize skin, improve blood circulation, promote skin nutrition and oxygen supply, accelerate the excretion of lipofuscin, which promotes human aging, prevent the chronic deposition of melanin in the skin, and effectively prevent chloasma, freckles, and melanomas.

Suggestion: because this facial mask contains alcohol, it is forbidden to use this facial mask for the thin cuticle and sensitive skin to avoid skin allergy.

Egg white vinegar freckle removing facial mask

Materials: 1 fresh egg, appropriate amount of white vinegar, 1 clean gram sealed glass container.

How to do it: take a clean bottle, pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar, then wash an egg, put it in white vinegar, and be sure to seal it well. The vinegar should not exceed the egg. After the egg is soaked for seven days, when the egg shell becomes soft, take out the egg, put it in a bowl, pick up the softened thin skin with a needle, and when the egg white flows out, discard the egg skin and yolk. Apply the egg white to your face once a day to effectively remove spots.

Efficacy: eggs are rich in amino acids, which can effectively control the growth of melanin on the face. White vinegar has a certain peeling effect, so it can achieve the effect of freckling.

Suggestion: This freckle removing facial mask is not suitable for sensitive skin, and the girl with long spots on her face can’t use this facial mask every day. The best effect is to do this freckle removing facial mask twice a week. The excess vinegar egg liquid should be placed in a clean glass container, sealed and stored in the refrigerator.

Honey aloe freckle removing facial mask

Materials: 1 fresh aloe, 1 teaspoon of honey and proper amount of flour. Method: peel and mash the fresh aloe vera, then add honey and a proper amount of flour to make a paste; After cleansing, evenly apply honey aloe facial mask on your face and wash with warm water 15 minutes later.

Efficacy: aloe contains amino acids, organic acids, aloe spice and other ingredients, which can effectively inhibit tyrosinase activity, inhibit pigment precipitation and prevent melanin production. With the moisturizing and skin care effect of honey, this facial mask has whitening and freckle removing effects.

Suggestion: the honey aloe facial mask should not stay on the face for more than 15 minutes, otherwise the flour of the honey aloe facial mask will solidify on the face and it is difficult to wash. This is what Xiaobian has personally tried, so girls need to remember.

Taomi water pearl freckle removing facial mask

Materials: 3 tablespoons pearl powder and proper amount of rice washing water. Method: mix 3 tablespoons of pearl powder with appropriate amount of rice washing water to make a paste. After cleansing, evenly apply the prepared rice washing water pearl facial mask on your face, and wash it with warm water 15 minutes later.

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