Walk out of the nine misunderstandings and let you remove freckles easily

According to social surveys, it is found that the vast majority of freckle patients have gone through detours and experienced failure in freckle removal. Therefore, we remind consumers not to go into the wrong area of freckle removal, which will delay the best opportunity for freckle removal and even bring harm to the skin.

One of the misconceptions is that we only care about the “effect” and ignore the consequences.

Many patients have an urgent mood for freckle removal, and always hope to make their faces tender and tender every day or two. It is this eagerness for quick success and instant benefit that makes many people choose the “quick effect” peeling method or short-term bleaching skin freckle removal, which seems to have an immediate effect. In fact, his skin surface is seriously damaged, and his own immunity is greatly weakened. After being exposed to the sun, it is easy to turn into more stubborn color spots such as sunburn and dermal spots. Which makes the later treatment more difficult.

The second mistake: blind freckle removal in the early stage of long freckle

Many women don’t care when they just have freckles on their faces, which are not very serious. Without the guidance of professionals, they casually use cosmetics with freckle removing function to remove freckles by themselves. As a result, the spots became more and more serious, the treatment became more and more difficult, and the best opportunity for freckle removal was delayed. In fact, the earlier the color spot is, the easier the treatment is. Of course, the correct freckle removal method should be selected, otherwise it will not solve the problem, but will aggravate the color spot, increase the time and economic cost of treatment.

The third mistake: I think color spots are incurable.

Many people who have had many freckle removal experiences in beauty salons have lost confidence in freckle removal. In fact, color spots can of course be cured. Only by proposing targeted freckle removal schemes for different skin types and according to the different causes of spots can whitening be maximized.

The fourth mistake: no separate treatment for different spots

Skin is generally divided into sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin, neutral skin, etc. each type of skin may have long spots, that is to say, the causes of spots on each skin are different, but when it comes to freckling, many women have a vague understanding. Maybe a bottle of cream is used by people with oily skin, dry skin, and even people with sensitive skin, In this way, serious skin allergy often occurs, resulting in the recurrence and aggravation of color spots. Therefore, freckling must be removed according to skin type to achieve the real whitening effect.

Myth 5: internal disease and external treatment

Many patients think that color spots are problems with the nutritional environment of the face and blindly apply various cosmetics to regulate them. In fact, there are many internal factors that cause color spots. Among them, the degradation of ovarian function and the imbalance of endocrine are important reasons for color spots in middle-aged women. Such color spots should start with nourishing and activating ovaries and regulating endocrine. Only internal and external conditioning can be effective. At present, Bairun capsules on the domestic market, The effect of freckle removal is very good through internal conditioning and ovarian adjuvant treatment..

Myth 6: use health food as freckle removing medicine

In fact, the state explicitly stipulates that health food only has the functions of health care and auxiliary treatment, and cannot replace the functions of drugs. Pigmentation is the general term of chloasma, butterfly spots, pregnancy spots, freckles, early age spots, skin pigmentation, etc. it is a pigmented skin disease. It must be treated with “national drug approved brand” freckle removing drugs to get a radical cure. However, many patients do not know to recognize the approval number, and often think that as long as they are taken orally, they are drugs. In fact, many of them are health food, reminding patients to learn to recognize the approval number.

Myth 7: freckle removal method to inhibit tyrosinase activity

Many freckle removal products try to achieve the purpose of freckle removal by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, which is obviously unscientific, because the human body is an organic balance system, and melanin acts like a “skin guard” on the skin, which can protect the skin and the body from ultraviolet radiation. Once the tyrosinase activity is inhibited, the skin will not be damaged by ultraviolet rays. Modern scientific research shows that the real culprit of color spots is the abnormally oxidized dopa, not the tyrosinase in the traditional understanding. Only by preventing DOPA from being excessively oxidized can black be suppressed

Myth 8: all vegetables are welcome

Many people think that all vegetables are good for the skin. If you have spots on your face, it is because you eat more meat. To remove spots, you should eat more vegetables. Eating more vegetables is indeed helpful to our bodies, but some vegetables should be eaten with caution, such as celery, coriander, white radish and so on. These vegetables are “photosensitive” vegetables, which make it easier for people who love to grow spots to grow color spots. We should eat more vegetables and fruits that inhibit pigmentation and make our skin white, such as kiwifruit, strawberry, tomato, orange, cabbage, cauliflower, etc.

Myth 9: self made facial mask for freckle removal

Many mm think that using vegetable or fruit self-made facial mask to remove freckles is both economical and natural, and will not cause any side effects to the skin. The phenomenon of self-made facial mask is more common on university campuses. On the BBS of Fudan University, the facial mask formula seen by the reporter includes yogurt, vinegar, cereal, aloe juice, watermelon skin, spirulina powder, dried almonds and so on in addition to the common cucumber, milk and honey. Many people have misconceptions that natural fruits and vegetables will not be harmful to the skin. Experts believe that some foods can indeed whiten and remove freckles on the face, but the resistance of facial skin to the external environment will be different in different seasons. Especially in the season, the skin barrier function will be greatly reduced, and skin allergic reactions are more likely to occur at this time.

Therefore, for freckle removers, they should not only have the right mentality, but also choose the right method, so as to get twice the result with half the effort and restore beauty as soon as possible.

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