Swimming nose clip is easy to damage nasal mucosa

when swimming , wearing a nose clip is easy to damage the nasal mucosa and cause infectious diseases.

Li Tianying, director of the otolaryngology department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, believes that the main purpose of wearing a nose clip when swimming is to prevent water from pouring back into the nasal cavity, causing choking and nasal discomfort. Therefore, if you are diving for a short time or a beginner, you can consider wearing a nose clip appropriately. However, if you wear it all the time during swimming, the nose clip can not help people, but may damage the nasal mucosa inside the nasal cavity. Once there is a wound in the nasal cavity, bacteria and germs in the swimming pool are very easy to invade the human body from the wound, which may cause rhinitis, sinusitis and other inflammation. Therefore, in the process of swimming, do not wear a nose clip if you can not wear a nose clip.

good nasal cleaning after swimming helps prevent diseases.

The most important process after swimming is good body cleaning. With the continuous exposure of the unqualified water quality of swimming pools in major cities, the damage of the water quality of swimming pools to human health has also been exposed. If people must go swimming, the cleaning process after swimming is very important. Good cleaning of bacteria and germs attached to the body can effectively prevent diseases. Director Li believes that when cleaning, we should not only clean the body surface, but also pay attention to cleaning the inside of the nasal cavity with clean warm water, so as to reduce the possibility of bacteria and germs adhering to the inside of the nasal cavity, especially for patients with wounds or nasal inflammation, we should pay attention to cleaning the nasal cavity after swimming.

the online “beauty nose clip” can make the nose strong and unreliable

There is a “beauty nose clip” that sells well on the Internet. The product claims that it can make the flattened nose cartilage slender and strong by correcting the cartilage shape, which makes many beauty loving women who feel inferior or pursue perfection because of nose defects jump at their heart and have a try. Plastic surgery expert Professor Qian Yunliang believes that theoretically speaking, after 16 years of age, the nose has been fully developed and fixed, and it is unlikely to increase the height of the bridge of the nose through the beauty nose clip. Unless it is worn 24 hours a day, it may cause soft tissue deformation. But if you just wear it on and off, it will not work.

From a professional point of view, this kind of beauty nose clip is harmful to the nose in three aspects:

First of all, the skin of the nose contains more sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and the tip and wing of the nose contain the most sebaceous glands, which are the prone parts of acne, acne, furuncle and rosacea. The beauty nose clip is close to and compresses the skin of the nose. If the time is too long or the local resistance is low, it is easy to cause lesions in these parts. After some girls use the beauty nose clip, their noses become red and big, and there are still marks.

Secondly, the nose of adolescent girls is developing. The beauty nose clip compresses the bone of the bridge of the nose or the tip of the nose, which will affect the blood circulation, resulting in poor development of the nasal bone and cartilage, and even deformity.

Third, for people with acute and chronic or allergic rhinitis and sinusitis, continuous pressure on the nasal tip and alar can also induce or aggravate the original nasal diseases.

Therefore, swimmers must not trust this product advertised on the Internet. For the health of the nose, it is better to use less nose clips. After swimming, wash the nasal cavity with clean warm water to achieve the effect of cleaning and disease prevention.

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