How to choose survival equipment in rainy season?

As the heavy rain in the North continues to cause serious disasters, how to travel safely in the heavy rain and how to ensure health during travel have become the focus of attention. On Weibo, many netizens hang up “2012 imperial capital rainy season survival standard equipment” roast caricatures. Although the caricatures are a large collection of items that people need in this rainstorm disaster, we don’t use such exaggerated equipment at ordinary times, but umbrellas, raincoats, and rainshoes are very necessary. How can we choose good rainy season equipment?

how to buy an umbrella

An umbrella is one of the essential raingear for everyone. It has developed from simple solid colors to rich patterns. How to choose a suitable umbrella

1. Use: choose whether the umbrella is used to shelter from the rain, ultraviolet rays, or props.

2. If it is an umbrella that hides from ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to choose a silver fabric on the surface or inside, which can effectively reflect ultraviolet rays. Choose colors suitable for your age to match.

weight and volume

According to your needs, choose an umbrella that is suitable for you to go out. It’s best to be compact and just big enough, so that you won’t be too tired. Generally, a diameter of less than 60 cm is enough, unless you are a big man.

fabric selection

There are many fabrics for umbrellas, but it is best to choose an umbrella containing Teflon fabric, which has good waterproof performance and fast drying.

skeleton selection

We all know the fabric of the umbrella, and the rest is the internal skeleton, which is very critical. It is often seen that many umbrellas are turned over in strong winds, which is caused by insufficient strength of the skeleton. It is recommended to choose thick and solid stainless steel materials.

structure selection

Umbrellas can be opened manually or automatically, so you should know what structure you are used to.

According to common sense, most people like and are used to opening umbrellas automatically. But the life of manual is often longer than that of automatic.

There are upright and bone retraction. The bone shrinking type is convenient, can be folded, and has a small volume.


Pay attention to the functions of details. For example, you should often shrink the ones that are put in your pocket bags. It is certainly right for you to choose the ones that shrink the bones, and it is better to shrink them by 30%, so that they are smaller in size.

Remember to look at the overall workmanship, quality, certificate of conformity and warranty information when purchasing.

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