How to distinguish black heart tampons to protect health

how to identify whether you have purchased black heart cotton

After reading the report of black heart cotton, Xiaobian was also scared out of his wits. How could such dirty things be used to protect our most vulnerable places? While swearing at the black hearted merchants, he carefully researched several small ways to distinguish black hearted cotton for sisters’ reference.

first move: try to choose big brands

For the identification of sanitary napkins, the first trick is to try to choose a big brand when choosing a brand, because we can’t identify the inner material of sanitary napkins before we buy them. So when you don’t know anything, try to choose famous brands. In addition, when selecting, in addition to paying attention to the sealing of the outer package, we should also check the product identification and try to select the products produced recently.

the second move: touch whether it is fluffy and comfortable

After buying it home, we can unpack it to see if the internal structure is safe. We put the sanitary napkin on our hands and carefully touch it. A good sanitary napkin should be thin, thick and even, with clean surface, normal color (not too white or too black), and it can feel fluffy, light and soft when squeezed with our hands. If it is black core cotton, it will feel hard and uneven.

the third move: tear open and look inside

Just now it was said that you can tell whether it is black core cotton by hand feeling. If you are not confident, you can tear the cotton sliver to see the material inside. A good sanitary napkin is made of fluff pulp with strong absorption and fluffy property. Black heart sanitary napkins are made by beating garbage and leftover materials. Although they have drifted, they can still be distinguished.

Fourth trick: smell carefully

when you buy sanitary napkins, you must buy tasteless ones, because smelly sanitary napkins can not only cause gynecological diseases in women, but also help cover up the smell of bleach. When tearing open the sanitary napkin to check whether it is high-quality cotton pulp, you can also smell carefully whether there are other chemicals.

the fifth trick: test the permeability

TV advertisements often use a glass of water to test the absorption of sanitary napkins. Then, we might as well use this method to identify whether sanitary napkins are safe. Choose a liquid close to the blood concentration and with a temperature of one degree or more than ten milliliters of warm water, and pour it directly onto the sanitary napkin. If it is absorbed quickly, it will prove to be a good sanitary napkin. Moreover, the absorption effect of black heart sanitary napkins made of garbage and plastic bags is very poor.

sixth trick: avoid being greedy for cheap

Women like to be greedy. New products, or slow-moving products, are used to attract customers with special prices or gifts. Many MM who love cheap can’t help but be tempted to buy these “cheap” sanitary napkins. However, these promotional items and gifts may be unsalable products handled by the merchants or inferior products with poor quality. It is difficult to guarantee that they are not black cotton. It’s the same saying that “those who are greedy for cheap will suffer, and those who love small will lose face.”

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