Softeners or reduce the flame retardancy of clothes should be used less

Martin, the Deputy captain of the fire brigade who went to the rescue, said that it took less than a minute from perrinod’s mother hearing her scream to her rushing into the bathroom to put out the fire. However, the hospital said that the burn condition of the girl was still not optimistic.

When the police arrived at the scene of the accident, they initially speculated that the fire was burning at an unusual speed due to alcohol or spray. But Martin has a different view on this. He thinks that the pyjamas worn by the girl may have been washed with some softeners and become more flammable, which led to the accident.

Martin said that from the label of the softener used by the family involved in the accident, it can be seen that “this product may reduce the flame retardancy of clothes”.

According to the data from the US Department of health’s household products database, suede fabrics are more flammable than other textiles. Some softeners “can make clothes soft and fluffy, but also increase the flammability of these clothes”, so they suggest “do not use this product on such (suede) clothes.”

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