You’d better not use nylon bath towel when taking a bath

In the past, people always liked to use nylon bath towels that could put gloves in when taking a bath. Most people thought that it was convenient and clean to take a bath in this way, and it also saved a lot of energy. But the fact is that soft towels should be used for bathing, and it was better not to use nylon bath towels.

The reason why nylon bath towels are not used is that when they are not used properly, for example, if they are used too hard, the keratinocytes that have not yet been fully keratinized will often peel off prematurely, or even the cuticle will be completely peeled off, exposing the bright red granular layer or spinous layer skin, which greatly weakens the barrier protection function of the skin. The body is very vulnerable to damage from the external environment, and it is easy to accelerate the aging of the skin in the long term, Therefore, it is not recommended to take a bath with a towel.

Now, more and more people have given up the original ordinary towels and used bath towels. However, scientific investigations have shown that nylon bath towels are hardly beneficial to skin health except for convenience. First of all, the hard and rough surface of the bath towel directly damages the skin, so that the keratinized layer of the epidermis is rubbed off too much, and the protective effect is weakened. Secondly, if you don’t pay attention to the hygiene of bath towels, you can also spread some skin infectious diseases. In particular, sharing bath towels with others has more chances of infection. Frequent use of bath towels can also lead to skin diseases such as boils and pustules. Therefore, many doctors call on people to use or not use nylon bath towel with caution. Even if they use it, they should not rub it vigorously, let alone share a bath towel with the whole family. Choose a bath towel with good quality, pay attention to the hygiene of the bath towel, and do not use it too hard. It can easily remove the dirt and horniness of the body without hurting the skin, and make people feel comfortable.

It needs special attention that patients with dry skin or skin diseases such as winter itch, ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo should not use nylon bath towels. For one thing, if you use nylon bath towel to clean excessively, you will rub off a large number of protective keratinocytes on the surface of the skin, and wash away the chemical protective film formed by sweat and sebum, resulting in aggravation of the disease.

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